Stiff Knee Remedy - Secrets To Knee Recovery When You Have Pain
Stiff Knee Remedy - Secrets To Knee Recovery When You Have Pain

Stiff Knee Remedy - Secrets To Knee Recovery When You Have Pain

Are you having trouble with your knees currently?

At the conclusion of this free information there will be a section that provides a link, if you would like to learn how to get the best knee brace for your needs. The link has the word "brace" in it. - But for now, lets talk about your knee and how you can help it with or without a brace.

Basic Factors Your Physician Will Consider

The basic factors that a doctor will consider when deciding on the right stiff or hurt knee remedy include the following:

1.) Your age

2.) The reason for the stiff knee

3.) The severity of the condition

4.) Your general health

5.) Your weight

6.) Future use of the knee

Obviously, the knee remedy for an 80 year old person will not be the same as it is for a 20 year old athlete. A full examination, the cause of the condition as well as the other above factors should figure in to the stiff knee remedy.

Your Age and How it Affects your Knee Treatment

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common conditions of a stiff knee and is not a disease that only strikes older people, contrary to popular belief. If the cause of the stiff knee is OA (osteoarthritis) and the person is a young person in good health, knee surgery may be considered.

The use of a knee support as a conservative treatment method may be employed to help stop further breakdown of the knees structural anatomy. Moreover, treating knee pain and other knee issues with the use of knee brace has shown positive results, without having surgery. Sometimes these knee supports are the key to keeping you away from the surgical intensive care unit after an invasive procedure.

How The Reason for the Stiff Knee Affects Treatment

If the cause of the stiff knee is a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, then knee surgery is not always an option. If the cause is due to a torn ligament or cartilage, the treatment will usually follow a more conservative approach with knee surgery being the last option.

Why the Severity of the Condition Affects the Choice of Treatment

In addition to the above, the severity of the condition will greatly impact the stiff knee remedy. If the knee ailment has gotten to the point where you can no longer ambulate (walk) without pain, then your physician will most likely take a more assertive approach toward your treatment.

How General Health and Weight Relate to Treatment

An individual who is in good general health and maintains a healthy weight has a better chance of responding positively to any type of medical treatment for a stiff knee. A person who is obese and in bad health will probably not respond as well. Simple, right? If you are in good health and want to avoid surgery, you will probably do well using a knee brace and taking anti-inflammatory medication to control the stiff knee (speak with your physician about pain medications prior to use).

Future Use of the Knee

A stiff knee can be one of the first signs of arthritis or future knee problems. Using a knee support, watching your weight and getting proper exercise are some of the ways you can help avoid these issues.


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