Physical needs of a child
Physical needs of a child

Physical needs of a child

At home or at the daycare, children have physical needs that must be met which contribute to their total well being and comfort. Here are some ideas:

One of the important physical needs of children is a suitable environment which provides fresh air to breathe, clean water and a nutritious diet. The inhalation of fresh air is essential for good health and normal development. Consequently lack of fresh air can cause poor mental functioning in a child. It can result in the spread of airborne diseases like whooping cough and measles. Homes and nurseries should be properly ventilated in order to replace expired air with fresh air.

At home the children should not be exposed to paint fumes and dry cleaning solvents, cigarette smoke, chemicals present in detergents, cosmetics, food etc. Likewise, clean water and a nutritious balanced diet are also necessities for the normal development of the child.

Mealtimes in the nursery and at home are a very important aspect of caring for a child. Mealtimes should be set and regular so as to set up good eating habits and food given should be attractive and full of essential nutrients.

A suitable environment should also provide shelter and warmth for the child. Children should not be exposed to unsuitable variations of temperature. The home and nursery should be properly insulated from wild and harsh weather conditions by providing heating and cooling facilities when the need arises.

Physical exercise is important. Children should engage in exercises to encourage optimal development of their muscles, heart and lungs. Also exercises help good posture and co-ordination, as well as promoting a feeling of well being. Simple motor activities like hopping; jumping, skipping, and climbing should be encouraged.

Good and healthy habits are an important responsibility of parents and caregivers. Parents should make sure that their children are vaccinated at the right time. Likewise at school a visit from the schools doctor should be encouraged to create awareness

Safety is important. At home and in school the need for safety should be taken seriously. A fire extinguisher should be close by incase of fire accident.

The physical needs of a child are an important part of his/her development and should be taken seriously by parents and caregivers.