ps3 hdmi problem repair guide
ps3 hdmi problem repair guide

ps3 hdmi problem repair guide

Want to get rid of your Ps3 hdmi problem? Youve got 3 options to do this. You either send your Playstation 3 to Sony, to a Repair Shop or you actually fix the Ps3 Hdmi problem with the use of a Playstation 3 Repair Guide. Dont know what to choose? Lets take a better look at the options.

Sending your Ps3 to Sony

What you can do is that you send your console to Sony, and let them fix the hdmi problem. Although, this might sound like a good option, but is this really that good? Dont think so... Why? Simply because its an expensive and very time consuming way to repair your Ps3 its hdmi problem.

When you do this, you will have to pay Sony $150 to let them get to start the repair phase. Also, this will take approximately 3-4 weeks before theyve finished your console. This means that you will have to wait at least 1 month before you will get your console back. This is way to expensive and its way to much time consuming options...

Repair Ps3 hdmi problem by sending it to a Repair Shop

Sending your Playstation 3 to a Repair Shop is slightly better than sending it over to Sony. Although, there are still some downsides when you are doing this. You will have to pay near $75. Thats way cheaper than the first option, but its still a lot of money. Another downside is the waiting time. You will have to wait 2 weeks until your console is repaired. This is still an expensive and time consuming option,so consider doing the last option... I know you will like it!

Repair the Ps3 hdm problem yourself with the use of a Playstation 3 repair guide

This is actually the best option for you to repair your hdmi problem. Sure, it might sound hard to do, but as long as you use a Playstation 3 repair guide, you will be able to repair the hdmi problem within hours. Some even repaired their console within one hour. Thats great, right?!

When you use a Playstation 3 repair guide, you will get to know how to repair the hdmi problem step by step. Also, a great feature on this is that there will be detailed photos thats coming along with the instructions. This way, it will take all the guess work away.

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