Start Enjoying Your Pregnancy at 15 Weeks Pregnant
Start Enjoying Your Pregnancy at 15 Weeks Pregnant

Start Enjoying Your Pregnancy at 15 Weeks Pregnant

You are three weeks into your second trimester when you are 15 weeks pregnant. You will find that your energy is returning and you are able to stay up later at night. In spite of how energetic you feel, you still need to get a full nights sleep because the baby benefits from your rest just as much as you do. Your belly is also growing at this stage making you visibly pregnant. This could cause you some discomfort when you lie down. Adding extra pillows to the bed can help you feel more comfortable, especially a body pillow that you can wrap your arms and legs around. You may start to feel too warm at night and this can affect your internal body temperature. It is best to turn down the heat at night and add more blankets to the bed if your partner finds it cold. You will probably throw these off as you sleep and become warmer.

Although the baby is starting to move about inside the uterus, you do not have any fluttery feelings yet. This wont happen for another few weeks. When you do start to feel the movements, they will feel quite similar to gas rumblings and you wont notice them until they become more frequent.

The babys neck and shoulders are well formed at 15 weeks and the head is in the proper position in the body. Eyelashes and eyebrows will start to develop at this stage and some hair will start growing on the head. The eyes are also in the right spot but the baby cannot see yet because the eyes are shut. However, he/she can sense light through the shut lids. If you shine a flashlight in your tummy and concentrate on what you feel, you may even feel the movement as the baby moves away from the light. The ears start to look human and less like those of an alien.

One thing you will be able to feel is the baby hiccoughing. Since the baby can suck and swallow at this stage of the pregnancy, there will be times when it swallows too much amniotic fluid. You will be able to feel a slight thumping sensation when this happens. By now the baby has grown to a length of about 4 inches and weighs about two ounces.

Since the baby will start to grow faster after the 15th week, you do need to make sure your diet is filled with healthy foods that will supply you and the baby with the nutrients you need for energy. Even though you may have unusual cravings, try to stay away from eating too much junk food because you may feel as if you are constantly hungry. You may be glad that morning sickness has passed, but it can still crop up when you least expect it, such as when you get a strong smell of certain foods.

Even though you have a little baby bump, you have only gained about five pounds. The baby is only about the size of an apple and the arms seem to be longer than the legs.

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