The Best Caribbean Island Vacation Spots
The Best Caribbean Island Vacation Spots

The Best Caribbean Island Vacation Spots

There are many island vacation spots to choose from when you want to visit the Caribbean. It all depends on what you are looking for in a vacation when you decide where to travel each year. If you want exciting nightlife and the action of the casinos. Anguilla is the island vacation destination for you. Shoal Bay, on Anguilla, is also one of the best beaches on the island where you can see schools of colourful fish darting to and fro in the waters. Take a trail walk to Katouche Beach, which is the perfect location for snorkelling.

If beaches are what you want in a vacation, some of the best locations in the Caribbean include:

- The Beaches of Antigua. There are so many beaches to choose from on this island that it is said that there is a beach for every day of the year. However, the two best beaches are Dickenson Bay on the islands northwest corner and Half Moon Bay on the eastern coast. Both locations have hotels right on the beach.

- Palm Beach on Aruba has been listed as one of the 12 best beaches in the world.

- The Gold Coast of Barbados has some of the most exquisite beaches in the Caribbean. This is also the location of some of the best and most expensive hotels. Choose from Paynes Bay, Brandons beach, Paradise Beach and Brighton Beach.

- Cane Garden Bay on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands is a white sandy beach that stretches for a little over a mile. This is a favourite beach with joggers and is less crowded that some of the other Caribbean beaches.

The Caribbean is also the perfect location for scuba diving of all kinds. The reefs that surround Bonaire are very accessible and free of pollution because this island is very environmentally conscious. Virgin Gorda is a location where divers often plan to spend an entire vacation exploring the wreck of the HMS Rhone. Grand Cayman, however, is the prime diving location in the Caribbean with a full range of professional diving schools available. If you want to get a true glimpse of the marine life of the Caribbean, the best spot is the island of Saba.

Sailing is another reason tourists flock to the Caribbean for their vacations. Just about every hotel and resort in the Caribbean has small sailboats and catamarans for the guests to use. However, the best spots for sailing are the Virgin Islands and the Grenadines. Sailing is a way of life in the Grenadines and the marine facilities in the Virgin Islands are world-class. St. Thomas is one island where you will find some of the biggest sailing charter companies where you can charter a boat with or without a crew.

Some of the best golf courses in the world can be found on the islands of the Caribbean. The Tierra del Sol Golf Course on Aruba is one of the grandest of all the courses in the Caribbean. At Caso de Campo in the Dominican Republic you have a choice of two courses ?TheTeeth of the Dog and The Links. If you want a challenging course, try the course of Golf de St-Francois on Guadeloupe where six of the 18 holes contain water traps.

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