Know about Pirate Clothes
Know about Pirate Clothes

Know about Pirate Clothes

Pirates in Medieval era were sea thieves that usually sailed from the Middle East. They used to wear the clothes made from wool, leather and canvass in loose fitting. These clothes were not only worn by pirates, but also by sea going adventurers, sailors and naval officers. Now these pirate clothes are in high demand for Ren fair and medieval parties by men, women and even, children. Authentically designed pirate clothes are usually of loose fitting and to attain a perfect pirate look. Designing of pirate clothes is quite easy that does not have any consistent style.

Pirate clothes are usually of loose-fitting and to achieve an ideal pirate look, in fact, people much preferred to choose pants and shirts that are bigger than their size. Wool, leather, canvass, linen, sheepskin and cotton are the most common fabrics that are used in the making of pirate clothes. Moreover, the captain as well as the crew was more inclined to wear sophisticated fabrics including, silk, velvet, camlet and taffeta when they went ashore. Among a number of pirate clothes, some common clothes are as follows:

• Pirate shirts: These pirate clothes endeavor to endow wearers with pirate looks. These shirts are in trend because of availability in different colors

• Bandana clothes: These pirate clothes were used to keep the sweat out of the eye.

• Motley clothes: These pirate clothes were made from fabrics of bright and fair colors

• Breeches: These types of pirate clothes were pairs of trousers that were generally worn by English pirates

• Coats or Doublets: These pirate clothes were expensive items that were worn only when pirates were on land. These clothes are decorated with ornate braids and fabrics

• Waistcoats: These pirate clothes were worn by flamboyant pirate captains

• Knitted Caps: These pirate clothes were known as Monmouth caps that were worn by all the pirates

• Drawers: These pirate clothes were tight fitting clothes that allowed carrying out difficult tasks of a pirate easily

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