Folding Notes: Some Cool Ways to Fold Notes
Folding Notes: Some Cool Ways to Fold Notes

Folding Notes: Some Cool Ways to Fold Notes

Have you ever been in a situation where youre in class and you wanted to pass a note to your friend and youd like it to look as discreet and small as possible? Well I have and if only I knew a few cool ways on how to fold notes. I would usually just insert the notes in between a book and pass it along to her friends. Fortunately for you, Im going to tell you how to fold these notes in a few unique ways.

The first way is to fold your note in a square shape. Take your piece of paper on which the note is written on and fold it in half along its long axis into a rectangle. Please ensure the written side is facing the inside. Fold it again along the axis for the second time to produce a longer thinner piece of folded paper.

The next step requires you to fold the ends of the paper into triangles, and for this step, fold the edges to produce a parallelogram and to avoid the paper from looking like a trapezium. Fold the triangles again to form parallelograms on both ends, be careful not to fold the triangles inward. You will end up with a piece of paper which looks like an "S" Rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Fold each end straight over one in the back and one in the front, there should be triangles of similar sizes sticking out of the top and bottom square. Next, fold both the bottom and the top triangles towards the inside. Tuck one triangle under the main triangle so its hidden inside the square, turn it around and repeat the same step as previously stated.

Another method, choose to fold the paper hotdog style two times. Next, fold both sides together to cut the length in half. Create a right angle image by folding one side into the center, fold it toward the open part of the rectangle.

Copy the same step on the other side then turn it over. Fold the rectangle flaps and fold it towards the outer part of the triangle. Then fold those flaps down to make it mimic the shape of a heart somewhat then tucking the flaps into the triangle. If you choose to tape the flaps, go ahead, but its alright to skip this step. Both these steps are very easy to follow and give note making an edgier push. So follow these steps on how to fold notes in cool ways.

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