Dating Indian Girls

Dating Indian Girls

I am tired of all the notions that make men believe that they need to buy women expensive dinners and jewellery to make them happy. Its like going on a first date and bringing the girl flowers and chocolate. Every girls says that is so cute and she would love it, but then when it actually happens the girl loses interest in the guy because he likes her too much. Women want a challenge and not a guy to suck up to her and keep buying her gifts. Women put men in 1 of 3 categories right away. Number 1 is the friend category - if you are put into this category, you are never going to date her, doesnt matter how hard you try and how expensive the gift is. Number 2 is marriage material - this is where you wine and dine her, buy her expensive gifts. She takes you around but she is with you to spend your money and because she thinks you will be a great provider. The last category is the lover - this category is where she is very attracted to you and cant stop thinking about you. You dont have to buy her anything or even take her out to dinner. Dont you ever wonder why all the attractive girls go after the bad guys and then cry on your shoulder (as a friend) about how much of a loser that guy was, and that she is done with bad boys. Few weeks later, you see her walking down the street with another bad boy. Why does this keep happening?

I learned the hard way and kept trying to be the nice guy and buying girls flowers, always being mr nice guy. I have recently changed the way I approach girls, and know I date very attractive women. I am not being co*ky or an A hole, its just that my attitude towards women has changed. I only date Indian women, as I find them very attractive, but some of them can be very materialistic. In short I make the girl chase me, instead of me chasing her, hard to believe I know.

I recently went on this new Indian dating site, yes I love the name too. Its a free dating site with some young attractive girls there. I found most of them were nice to talk to, but I started to get more interest from the girls when I changed my attitude. The internet is the best way to practice, because when you do it in person, you will mess up a lot in the beginning. We need to rewire the way we think. Stop being the shy, Mr nice guy and trying doing things differently.

For all you lonely guys out there, I have one piece of advice for you - go online and practice your skills, dont be too nice to the girl right away, dont tell her how pretty she is (especially when she is really pretty) and you will have all her attention in no time.

Try out Mind Blowing Mate, dont forget to practice your new techniques on chat.