Conceiving a Girl - Tips That Work!

Conceiving a Girl - Tips That Work!

Did you know it is possible to select the gender of your baby? If you are dreaming of conceiving a girl, then you should definitely read this article. There are actually proven methods that if followed can drastically increase your chances. Moreover, these methods are easy to follow and completely natural. To find out more, continue reading below.

To get the most from the tips discussed, we must first discuss a little bit of sex education. When we were children in grade school or high school, we were taught that the female egg contains something called a X chromosome. Similarly, the sperm excreted from the male partner, can contain either a X or Y chromosome. So how exactly is a female baby formed? Well a female baby is formed when a X chromosome carrying sperm fertilizes the egg (we will call it the female producing sperm from here onwards). The reason the tips below work, is because of specific behavioural differences between a female producing sperm and male producing sperm. The female producing sperm, is by nature a lot slower than the male producing ones. However, on the other hand, the female producing sperm can live a lot longer in the vaginal tract than the male producing ones. They have a much higher resistance to the acidity.

Knowing the above characteristics of the female versus male producing sperm, we come to our first tip. When is the best time to conceive a girl? The best time to attempt to conceive a baby girl would be 2-3 days before the female is ovulating. The reason is because if the sperm is deposited in the vaginal tract 2-3 days before ovulation, there is a higher chance that most of the male producing sperm will die off before the egg is released. This will give you a much greater ratio of live female sperm giving you a very good chance of conceiving your dream baby girl.

There are other tips to help increase the chances of conceive a baby girl even greater. To view these tips take a look at the following guide: Trying to Conceive a Baby Girl.

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