For many years I have followed the personal growth/self help movement and watched how it has rapidly evolved into a billion dollar industry. Ive bought and painstakingly followed almost every teaching method that I could find to empower my life and achieve financial abundance. I will say that all of my teachers have been very beneficial in shaping and developing the characteristics of my personality. I love and appreciate them all, from Tony Robbins to the great Jim Rohn, to Dr. Tony Alessandra, Jim Cathcart, Jeff Combs, John Childers, Robert Allen, Earl Nightingale, the great "Zig" —well, the list could go on forever.

It was not until I started journaling affirmations though, that I began living my dreams and realizing all of my goals. I came across Ruth Fishels simple book How to Change Almost Anything in 21 Days. I took Ruths challenge to begin journaling my affirmations at least 10 (and sometimes far more) times a day. Within those three short weeks, I experienced such changes in my life that I could once have only dreamed of.

There are common, simple, yet profound, principles that anyone can follow to train the subconscious mind and turn your dreams into your personal reality. I had heard Jim Rohn talk about how to change yourself in order to change what you get from life. Ive heard Mark Victor Hansen and Tony Robbins tout the power of affirmations. But it was not until I began taking all of the advice and combining it into the simple practice of writing my affirmations consistently each day that I started living my dreams.

The subconscious mind is a fertile training ground, one which can bring you whatever you desire in life. When properly trained, it can deliver tremendous, desirable, and positive results. When trained by mindless, negative, pessimistic thought, it can only bring you failure and misery.

The subconscious is comprised of neural networks. The study of neural networks involves the careful examination of the brain and thought processes within the brain in order to duplicate them using computers and machines. These networks are formed in the subconscious mind from the repetitious thoughts of the conscious mind. If a newly graduated high school student wants to become a medical doctor, she/he will begin to seek ways to develop their mind to think like a physician. They will spend thousands of hours in the study of biology, chemistry, anatomy, physics, and other medical related subjects. They will train their subconscious mind to think like a medical professional.

If a person wants to become an auto mechanic, likewise, they will have to begin to train their subconscious mind to think in the terms that auto mechanics think. They build neural networks in the subconscious mind where the vast library of our life training, experiences, and events are collected and archived. Whatever the chosen profession or expertise that one wants to master, it takes study and experience in training the subconscious mind to do exactly what you want it to do. Mastery of any subject or discipline requires considerable concentration and extensive study.

Initially, it seems a far more abstract concept to believe that our subconscious mind is also trained to bring success or failure into our lives. Our relationships, our finances, our level of joy and happiness, our physical well-being, are all largely determined by what we feed our subconscious mind through conscious thought. By default and through neglect, most people do not choose what their thoughts are and are therefore subject to whatever they are told by others, as well as the influences of society at large. As the late author Florence Scovel Shinn said in The Game of Life and How to Play It: "If you dont run your own subconscious mind, someone else will."

I was recently in a rural diner and overheard a group of men talking about all the negative "ills" of the world and of our country. What they are mainly exposed to is the news, via television or newspaper, which is essentially 99% adverse or negative events. They sit in front of the television like a knowledge-starved student would sit hearing a lecture from their favorite professor. With intensity, they "take in" the negative events of the world and become experts in them.

The six greatest words ever spoken by any personal development expert comprise the timeless statement of the late great Earl Nightingale. They are: "We become what we think about." I will add to that: "We think about what we expose ears, eyes and minds to". As the sage of Proverbs said: "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." Think about that statement. In a professional sense, doctors become doctors because that is what they think about. They think about medicine and treatments for illness. They focus on the subject of medicine for many years and undergo long hours of study. Thats why they are doctors.

If you expose yourself to negative, depressing news continuously in your day to day living, you will experience negative, depressing things in your life. Ive had many people say that "positive thinkers" are not people who face reality. I like to say that "positive thinkers are people who fully realize reality and possess the power to change their future reality." To change your future reality, you have to begin to think differently from those people who repeat failure over and over again in their lives. It all begins with thought.

We think in words and use our native language to construct thought. In other words, we think in phrases, sentences, and words. Sometimes, these phrases, sentences, and words create certain emotions that we experience. But even the emotions begin with language. The emotions are created with language. So everything starts with words. The power that words have over your life cannot be overestimated.

Affirmations are simply positive words and phrases that we choose to speak systematically in order to transform our thinking for the better. Daily repeated affirmations create positive neural networks in your subconscious mind, which in turn, assist you in attracting success. The subconscious mind does not distinguish the difference between an actual event recalled from memory and an imagined or created image consciously chosen. If an image is created enough times with consistent repetition, then the subconscious mind begins to believe that it must produce that image in reality. It will ignite your "will to act" in creating whatever it has imagined.

When I discovered this incredible process, I "turned on" my power to succeed and live my dreams. I began to journal that I had an email list of 5,000 people that I communicated with at least twice a week. Within less than 20 days, this became my reality. Now, did it just suddenly appear? No. I began to believe that I could build the list and subsequently, I turned on my intuition and began to seek out things that would make this a reality. I began making affirmations in line with my goals and began to see rapid success.

I then set new goals and began to achieve them faster than the time I had set for each of them. Through affirmations, I started training my mind just like the medical doctor or the lawyer. I started "seeing myself" being and doing the things that I dreamed about. Subsequently, those things started becoming a reality in my life. They began to create positive neural networks in my subconscious mind which I now call "Successformations". These are neural networks that I choose, design, and create through my affirmations and thoughts which, in turn, create success in my life.

You can easily transform your present life experience through affirmations. I love teaching others how they can design, structure, and create the life of their dreams through the training of the subconscious mind through affirmations.

If you dont know where to start, Im going to help you. Go to your local WalMart, dollar store, or office supply and purchase a 97 cent (or whatever they cost you) steno notebook. Put todays date at the top. On line one, write your affirmation. For instance, I wrote: "I have an email list of 5,000 people who I write to at least twice per week." Make it completely positive. State it "as if" it has already happened. Your subconscious mind doesnt know whether it has occurred or not. Keep it short. Write it at least 10 times per day. If you get really motivated, write it 10 times in the morning and 10 more times before you go to bed. You will begin to retrain your mind to bring you the results that you want in your life. Write them for at least 21 days. Keep writing them and you will see your desired results— your dreams— become your reality.

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Michael Murphy is a life coach, Internet marketer, author, and professional personal development speaker. He has written widely on the subjects of personal development, motivation, success, affirmations, and spirituality. With over 2,500 public presentations to his credit, Michael has motivated and challenged thousands to reach beyond their personal limits and to realize their dreams. Michael produces a free e-course, Instant Success Immersion and the only online ezine, E-Courager. With over 500 new subscribers per day, Michaels personal vision is to "touch the world" with positive, powerful encouragement and empowerment through his E-Couragers and success products.
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Michael Murphy is an author, Internet marketer, life coach and professional personal development speaker. He has written widley on the subjects of personal development, motivation,
success, affirmations and spirituality. With over 2,500 public presentations to his credit, Michael has challenged, motivated and inspired thousands to reach beyond their personal limitations and to realize
their dreams. Michael prodcues a free e-course, "Instant Success Immersion" and the world wide webs only E-Courager. With over 500 new subscribers every day, Michaels personal vision is
to touch the world with positive, powerful encouragement and empowerment through his E-Couragers and innovative success products.