Workplace Safety Posters - For An Accident Free Environment

Workplace Safety Posters - For An Accident Free Environment

Almost all workplaces have exclusive hazards specific to their work environment. The hazards can range from minor risks to dangerous perils that can seriously threaten lives. Workplace safety posters play an important role in educating and alerting workers to take adequate precautions and adopt safety procedures at all times at their workplaces.

Stipulating safety regulations and making a workplace accident free is primarily the responsibility of the factory manager and owner. The workers also have the responsibility to adopt safe working practices. There is no arguing that safety is of paramount importance. Human lives are precious. An accident whether minor or serious adversely reflects not only in loss of costly person-days but also in loss of morale.

Role Of Workplace Safety Posters

Workplace safety posters are installed at all strategic locations in a factory or an industrial unit where hazards exist. The safety posters play an important role in:

* Educating work personnel in taking adequate steps to avert slips, trips and falls.
* Showing workers correct lifting and carrying procedures.
* Reminding workers to wear protective gear at all times to safeguard hands, eyes and other body parts.
* Listing steps to be taken during emergency situations.
* Illustrating dangers of chemical containers by warning signs and labels.
* Guiding workers on how to dispose hazardous wastes.

Workers need to be observant at all times. Education and training is the key, but crucial messages tend to be forgotten too often. The best way to be alert at all times is to display health and safety posters at factory entrances, canteens, and work floors and in rest rooms.

Posters at work places should be eye catching and easy to understand. Manual Handling Posters are best suited for this job. For example, an eye catching wall chart printed in full color and encapsulated to withstand dirt and grease will greatly enhance effective safety communication to work personnel. At fire and explosion sensitive industrial units like petrochemical plants, fire safety posters play a vital role.

Many people may infer safety messages to be too trivial and repetitive. This is a dangerous presumption. Workplace safety posters ignite interest; enhance awareness and urge workers to be conscientious and safe.

Basic Requirements Of A Simple Safety Poster

A safety poster should send out its message simply and effectively. Preferably, it should:

* Not be more than 12 words
* Clearly depict the safety issue
* Easy to understand
* Grab attention
* Have a catchy slogan
* Have a colorful design

However, the above requirements do not stipulate a hard and fast rule. Each safety environment may need a different dedicated slogan because each industrial unit has its own hazardous environment. The factory manager knows best which safety issues should be followed for prudence and security. Workplace safety posters should focus on the right slogans and at the right locations in the factory premises. The basic objective should be to help people remember the message. A catchy combination of graphics and slogan with a tinge of humor works wonders. There is no room for compromise when it comes to safety.

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