Legacy Visa from First National Bank

Legacy Visa from First National Bank

Acceptance of the card attracts fees:

Legacy Visa card is commonly referred to as a "Credit Rebuilding Visa Card". This card helps in repairing ones credit score to a great extent. It may be mentioned here that even though an individual does not use the

Legacy Visa

card but accepting the card itself attracts charges. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that prior to opting for one, the individual should carefully go through the Terms and Conditions and also the TOS or Terms of Service.

Some of the rules followed by the credit card provider:

As far as charging the fees are concerned for accepting the card, the same is mentioned by the card providers. The individual who wishes to own a card may opt for the trial period, which the company offers. During this period if the services and benefits offered by the card provider are found to be in appropriate, the same card may be returned.

Advantages of Legacy Visa card:

The main advantage of the card is credit repair. By offering an "open line of credit" to the debtors, the card aims at repairing the credit score of individuals. However, the amount offered for credit repair by Legacy may not be very high. It ranges between USD$250 and USD$500. The figure may appear to be too small and one may feel that shelling out USD$100 as fees for a card with such a low range (USD$250) may not be a good idea.

Nevertheless, there are several advantages, which an individual availing the card may enjoy. Some of the advantages are listed below.

• The membership fees are usually waived off for making purchases with the Legacy visa card. This is applicable every time the card holder uses his card for buying.

• Add on services offered by this credit card company include travel insurance for the members.

• The company also offers the facility of purchase protection. Purchase protection is a condition when all the purchases made with the help of the credit card are insured.

A savior in disguise?

It may be so that an individual may opt for a Legacy visa card because he has no one to turn to for credit and it may be the case that almost all credit giving institutions have turned their back on him. Under these circumstances, Legacy Visa may be helpful and can extend the financial help he requires. Despite the fact that the amount being offered as credit is low, but this may be the only option for him.

Why Legacy Visa does not appeal to all:

The feedback for the Legacy Visa is not the same from all credit card users. There are reports that several individuals had errors in their credit reports. There were also complaints that payments, which were already made were again asked for.

If this credit card company provides proper service to the card holders and if it can keep the irregularities (in calculation) at bay, Legacy Visa can stand out from the other financial institutions offering credit cards to its customers.