Wii troubleshooting - How to Fix My Wii?
Wii troubleshooting - How to Fix My Wii?

Wii troubleshooting - How to Fix My Wii?

Need a fix for your Wii thats troubleshooting? Dont worry, there are 3 ways to do this, but only one will suit you the most, and thats the one where you should go for! Lets check them out, alright?

Sending your Wii To Nintendo

Lots of people are sending their broken console to Nintendo to let them repair it. Although, this means not you have to do this. There are 2 downsides on doing this. First of all, its expensive. When you do this youll have to pay $75. Thats without shipping and handling costs. Thats quite expensive isnt?

Another major downside is that the waiting times are quite long. Some people have send their Wii to Nintendo and they had to wait for 2-3 weeks before they had their console back.

Sending your Wii To a Repair Shop

if you send your console to a repair shop, it will be basically the same as sending it to Nintendo. The only thing that might be different is the waiting times. You could expect it to take 1 or 2 weeks. But, the costs will be the same. Youll have to pay 60-75 bucks to let them fix the troubleshooting Wii for you. And that leads us directly into option 3... Do it yourself!

Repair your Troubleshootign Wii by... Yourself!

This is actually the best option you have because its cheap and fast. When you do this, its very recommended to use a repair guide. This guide will take all the guess work away, so you;ll be able to repair your console without any problems.

When you do this, it will costs you $20, thats only for the Wii repair guide. The time it will takes will be based on you. Some people do it within 1 hour, and some people do it within 1 day. But, anyone can repair their console by themselves, thats a fact!
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