How To Copy Wii Games - I Think Im A Clone Now
How To Copy Wii Games - I Think Im A Clone Now

How To Copy Wii Games - I Think Im A Clone Now

Continuing to rise in popularity all over the world, the Nintendo Wii offers countless hours of fun for just about every type of gamer out there, even for those that dont consider themselves gamers. The Wii offers hundreds of games, from the old Nintendo classics to new, original releases.

While the older titles are available at any time through Nintendos online service, the new games have abandoned the old cartridge system and have gone to DVDs. While this means that more data (i.e. bigger, better games) can be fit on each disc, it also comes with the hazards any compact disc or DVD faces. The slightest scratch or marring has the potential to make a disc unreadable. One of the best ways to maximize the life of these games is to make a copy of them. Making a copy of your Wii game will ensure that you can keep playing it for as long as possible.You may be hesitant in making a copy of your Wii games, and this is understandable. Software piracy has been an issue since software itself.

Over the years, more and more elaborate methods of copy protection have been used in the effort to stop digital piracy and illegal copy distribution. But what exactly is illegal copying? Copied software becomes illegal when you choose to distribute it, whether selling it or even giving it away, without compensation to the copyright holder. Under these same laws, you have the right to make a single copy of any media you own as long as it is not given to anyone else. Simply put, you can make a copy of your Wii games without worrying about breaking the law.So now that youre ready to make a copy of your Wii game, youll need the proper tools. First, you will need a DVD-ROM and a DVD Writer.

This is the trickiest part of the copying process. While any DVD writer can be used to burn these games to disc, only DVD readers specifically designed to read these discs will work for copying the data. The most common ones are made by LG Electronics and distributes under many names. A quick search will point you in the right direction for getting the right DVD drive for copying these games.Once you have the proper hardware, the only other thing needed is the proper software. There are many programs available on the Internet made for copying Wii games, and all of them work to varying degrees.

But this is where you have to be careful. A small investment now can save a lot of trouble later. Purchasing commercial software give you the advantage of a stable, up to date product and better support for when you have problems. While there are plenty of free programs available, there is a greater risk of them carrying viruses, spyware or other software harmful to your computer.Are you looking for the best Wii copy software? Visit my blog

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