What Men Need From You - Decoding Male Psychology
What Men Need From You - Decoding Male Psychology

What Men Need From You - Decoding Male Psychology

Are you quick to understand what your boss needs, but you cant figure out what a man wants from a relationship? Are you tuned into how your friends feel, but when it comes to romance you way out of tune? Is it about time you got in the know and really understood where men stood on the question of love and relationships? This article is sure to clarify things and make your next encounter with a man a more successful one.

Figuring men out can be tricky because they seem to want a degree of attention and admiration, yet they dont want too much. Gauging just how much is enough is really a matter of going at it in small increments. Think of building a mystery around the woman you are.

While he wants to learn a lot about you, he doesnt necessarily want you to be an open book.

And when it comes to admiring him, make sure youre not over the top and showing him your complete and utter adulation. After all, at this stage of the game you dont really know him that well and you should be holding back until you know him better. This can be just enough to entice him to pursue you more adamantly. Youll intrigue him and hell want to know more.

Building a strong bond with him is also vital if you want this relationship to go past the bedroom. Many women will simply rely on a sexual relationship to carry them through, but this rarely translates into a full fledged romance. Without that emotional tie to you, he can just have sex with you and move on.

Men who are looking for that everlasting love are basically looking for the same thing as women. They want to love and be loved. They want to trust you and feel respected and admired by you. Theres a large part of them that also wants to admire you.

When all these parts blend in to make for a perfect mate, hell open up and be willing to give his heart to you. To help you along, remember these quick tips.

Always look your best and be confident in the woman you are. Most guys dont want a fixer-upper, they want a woman who has plenty to bring to the relationship.

Keep his interest level high by teasing him with information about yourself and often surprising him with a new and exciting aspect of your personality. While you can be goofy and silly as you visit the zoo, show him your cultured and intellect as you stroll through an art museum. And though you can be wild and outrageous as you hit the clubs, you can also show him your ability to be quiet and introspective as you sit back with him and enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Follow his pace as the relationship moves along. This might be difficult to do as you start to feel a wealth of emotions build up inside you. Men can often be slow in recognizing what they really feel and it can take even longer before their actually ready to divulge these feelings. At this stage in the game, many women are tempted to nudge the guy along and encourage him to open his heart, but this usually causes him to close it all the more.

Give him the time he needs and make sure he simply continues to enjoy the time he spends with you. When hes ready, hell let you know just how much he really loves you.

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This article is contributed by Tina Jones from the Unforgettable Woman Publishing Team. She works together with founder Alexandra Fox and writes dating/relationship articles for women. You can find more about Unforgettable Woman Publishing by visiting their website.