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It is pretty amazing how our nature teaches us how to live a successful life. But most of us act as if we cant hear what it has been preaching us for years.
Lets take a look at plants.They are really independent and they appreciate what our mother nature provide.

A Plant might be standing "alone" without a friend to visit or a doctor to cure when sick but is not getting "lonely".

It takes care of itself. It never complained and it still gives fruit and shade.It could be really hot or cold but a plant stands still.It keep growing .... .

Maybe this example might seen unreal, lets take a look at infants.
Have you ever seen infants learning how to walk, what do they do after falling many times?..........you bet.

Infants never give up when they fall, they keep trying, they are controlled by what is inside (their ambition) rather that the outside world.

It does not matter what is happening to their surroundings, but what is happening inside their mind.

If plants take care of their own without needing anybody else and infants keep doing what they really want, why are you feeling lonely?.

Have you ever thought why you are lonely?

What would be like if you could feel happy and have energy you always wanted, feeling secured and approach any one anywhere and anytime.

To be able to make friends instantly until you cant handle the number anymore.
It is not really that hard it takes three few steps.

1. Change your thought

Thoughts have energy that if they are accumulated they will transform into reality. let me explain..,

Do you remember the time you bought a car, didnt you see that particular car (especially of same color) every time you drive.....why?...

Your thoughts about car were preoccupied (energized) by that particular car and they were transformed into reality, thats why you saw those cars particularly of the same color every time you drive.

So you need to surround yourself with conditions that generate change in your thinking process .You can do affirmation, read motivational books or find people who had the same problem.( Online forum are the best ).

2. Take action

I cant stress this enough! If you just sit around and fill sorry for what has happened you will keep getting worse for the reasons described above.The world we live has no mercy for people who feel sorry for themselves.

Just like an infant who does not care what is happening or who is watching, just do it.

3. " Use your own resources"

For the power of this information I cant reveal this part to the public but if you want Click the above link to get more info.

Timeo Busyanya,
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"lonelyou.com" .

Our nature is the best teacher of all.