My Knee Ache When Cycling - My Knee Brace Really Helped!

My Knee Ache When Cycling - My Knee Brace Really Helped!

Whether you are an avid cyclist, or just like to take an occasional jaunt on your bike, your knee aches and pains when cycling can cause you to "put on the brakes", if you know what we mean...

Cycling is a great form of exercise; considered by many individuals to be a great way to stay in shape. Unfortunately, it can quickly become an unpleasant chore if your knees are sore. The pain problems may start while you are riding, or it may not occur until after the ride is through. Moreover, it can last for a moment or be seemingly endless.

Rest may help, but can certainly infringe on your desire to cycle. Some cyclists ice their knees after they dismount their bikes, and this may also help reduce the pain. But, if your knee pain happens when you bike, you already know it is not exactly practical to ride around with ice bags strapped to your legs?

Over the counter pain medications (such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen) may also help reduce the knee aches when cycling, but they may offer only a temporary fix. - Speak with your physician before using any medications.

So, if you experience knee ache when cycling, aside from the temporary solutions listed above, and aside from giving up the sport entirely, what options do you have?

The solution to the dilemma of your knee aches may be something as simple and affordable as a knee brace. To help reduce your knee pain, and to take your knee stability to the next level, you should consider this affordable option. Knee supports can help reduce your knee pain because of the meaningful support that they provide, and they are not super expensive either. Nor do they have to be cumbersome and heavy. Positives to say the least...

If you experience discomfort in your knees when cycling, whether it is consistent, or whether it comes and goes, you should always seek the advice of a qualified physician to determine the cause of the pain. Knee pain problems when biking can come from many different causes. Most likely, though, it is caused either by inflammation within the knee join, or wear and tear on the knee cap and/or the cartilage disc underlying the knee cap (such as found with chondromalacia patella). A meniscus injury can also be the root of your intense knee discomfort. There are a host of other, possible causes of discomfort when cycling and only a qualified professional can properly diagnose the cause of your particular symptoms. Still, whatever the cause of the symptoms, a brace can help alleviate the ache when cycling.

A support is designed to cradle the knee, fitting snugly around your leg. This will help to relieve the stress on the joint that may cause your knee ache when cycling. Moreover, the knee brace can help keep the patella in its proper place as it tracks over the joint during activity. When the knee is properly positioned, and the excess stress is taken off the joint itself, the inflammation often associated with knee ache when cycling can also be reduced, thus helping to reduce the achy sensations that have been slowing you down.

Knee supports come in several different styles and sizes, to fit your personal support needs. Most great knee supports are not custom made anymore, and are typically very affordable, especially if you search online for them. All are designed to offer mobility and added support to help keep you cycling.

The bottom line is that your knee pain is your business. If you do not become proactive, however, your knee discomfort might become a life sentence. Hopefully it will disappear by itself, but when it does not, you should consider a knee support because it is a low cost option that you can use right away to help stabilize your knee.


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