Make your wedding fun for all
Make your wedding fun for all

Make your wedding fun for all

People look forward to their wedding for many years. And weddings really are mainly for the bride and groom. But it should also be for the guests, after all they are spending their money and their time to see you getting married.

Here are some ways to make your wedding special for you but still enjoyable for your guests as well.

· Keep inside jokes, slide shows, and open mikes to a minimum, especially if you have an open mike. While these are funny for the people telling them, and sometimes funny (but usually embarrassing) for the bride and groom, they often end of being tedious, embarrassing, or offensive to the guests of the wedding.

· If there are a lot of out of town guests, provide entertainment between wedding and the reception while the bride and groom are taking pictures. Many wedding guests enjoy a beautiful wedding and look forward to a delightful reception but have to into your a couple hours of boredom in between if they are in a town they have never been and dont know anybody else the wedding

· For after the reception, provide coupons for entertainment or ideas. Your out-of-town guests will appreciate it. Once the wedding is over there is little much else for them to do except go back to the hotel and fall asleep. Your special day will be special for them as well when they have a great time bowling or going to the theater. And you can have a fun time putting together a little book of entertainment for them that includes coupons, trivia, and photos of the bride and groom.

· Have a contest. People love the chance to win something and you can have several of those during your wedding. For example, if you do not have assigned seating at the reception, mark the bottom of a chair and give a prize to the person with the mark chair.

Or, put everyones name into a draw and draw a handful of names to win prizes. Be sure to have something for the kids to, like grab bags or surprise box.· Provide a nanny and childrens room. Weddings are pretty boring for children since there isnt very much for them to do. Hire a childcare worker to simply keep an eye on the children in another room. Provide a few toys and your guests will thank you for it.About The Author:Jeff Lakie is the founder of

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