Good Things To Know About Chihuahua Dogs

Good Things To Know About Chihuahua Dogs

With a weight ranging from 2 to 6 pounds, the Chihuahua is said to be the smallest dog breed on Earth. Should you want to get a Chihuahua, you will benefit from many advantages, starting with the approval of any landlord. They are so tiny that cannot upset anybody. Perceptive, intelligent and passionate, the Chihuahua is the most loyal small dog you can dream of.

They are affective and loving towards their owners, but at the same time make the perfect miniature guard dog. So, all of you living in apartments or small houses, this is the dog to get!When it comes to speaking about the history of this breed, it may be a surprise for many of you to know that the Chihuahua is said to be the sacred dog of the Incas in Mexico and got its name from the state of Chihuahua.

A grown up Chihuahua is more intelligent than you might think. He may keep his owner under careful observation for some time before revealing his true personality. They seem shy, but the truth is that they are actually sizing up their owner to see which one of them is to be the leader in the home. So be very careful with that, otherwise you will have a new leader in your own house!

Chihuahuas eat very little, only requiring about 2-3oz of cooked minced beef of a high-quality brand of dog food, along with a handful of puppy biscuits. These dogs do best on 2 or 3 small meals rather than 1 large daily feeding. The bigger Chihuahuas can eat up to half a can of dog food or the equivalent portion of home-made dog food, and a handful of biscuits too.Unlike the general opinion about this breed, these dogs are able to walk as far as most owners would wish, though he will never refuse an occasional ride in a shopping cart either. The Chihuahuas only require moderate exercise.

This will qualify them for older people as well! The fact is that these dogs get most of his needed exercise from running around inside the house as he is playing.You must use a soft brush to groom Chihuahuas. The owner of such a dog must also regularly trim his nails and clean his ears.In terms of health, Chihuahuas is not too fragile as his body shows.

He is not too comfortable with cold weather. So make sure to dress him up for the walk on a cold day!

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