Into Relational Dynamics & Female Behaviorism
Into Relational Dynamics & Female Behaviorism

Into Relational Dynamics & Female Behaviorism

A look into the relational dynamics of men, women and social influence in dating. You will discover how to have better control and success in relationships.

Lets look at a fast and general look at the three root behavioral traits here.

Inner = personal development, advancement, empowerment, intelligence, self-esteem and self improvement

Social = social persona, conscious pre-tension & caring about what others think as well as environmental or socio-cultural adaptive behavior to seek approval of others higher up on the social hierarchy

Natural = unpretentiousness to the atom, unconscious and ununfluenced behavior at the roots

Guess which one women are unconsciously attracted to (without mercenary tendency)?

Yep, the man who can walk into a room completely unpretentious.

Supremely (alpha) Not caring what others think, not trying to use, abuse, or manipulate anyone.

Its a man with behaviorally evident natural character and who can comfortably communicate with others without pretension or letting them manipulate or coerce him.

Social status unfortunately takes more prestige than it deserves in our unnaturally socially oriented culture. It can be used to help attract women to you but if you dont have the natural character to trigger their natural attraction response you wont be getting very much bedroom action.

The natural guy is so REAL and unorthodox its irresistibly attractive to women. Hes so comfortable in his own skin because hes relationally independent to all other power, sexploitation and beauty within his reality.

Is this merely a technique? Is there any body language technique that can take a man from being fearful of hot women and caring what others think to being this ALPHA male of reality?

If youre just limited to your logical Inner game or personality, youre not being effective with women on the other levels.

Be the man across all levels. Improve yourself to be what I call NIS Alpha. Natural, Inner and Social Alpha. A man of character and quality attributes on all the levels you can be and that women are looking for.

Then, its just communicating those across to women to raise their attraction response to you.

Inner personality traits which women say they want in a man matter the least up front. Sure they matter for a long-term dating or marriage relationship but women are looking at your social and natural character upfront.

Are you sending the right signals? You should be at all times if you want to attract them to you. Remember that youre always communicating something and women are extrapolating that data to form an image of you and the potential value you have.

Communicate the desired alpha traits and theyll be drawn to you.

When you can continue to communicate that indeed you ARE the man that they thought you were, youre stepping way ahead of your competition especially when you remain relationally independent and comfortable in your own skin around them.

So much of my Alpha Relational Dynamics stems off of the root behavioral characteristics of both men and women. When you are cognitive of them and your relationship to them, everything will begin to make sense.

You will have the tools to put together a massively effective dating lifestyle as well as being the best you can be in a confusing world of power struggle and oppressive influence.