Example Of Personal Goals
Example Of Personal Goals

Example Of Personal Goals

Have you been seeking an example of personal goals? You have come to the right place. Today, you will discover several examples of personal goals. As you read, discover the example of personal goals that meet your needs and help propel you forward to success, and achievement.

There are many areas of personal goals. These areas are great and important for every human being. There is a place for all of them. Without them we cant live fulfilling lives. It amazes me that so many people dont set goals. The problem then becomes the floating in life, and for you I dont want that to happen, so it gives me great please in having you here making use of what you read.

First let us look at example of personal goals, and then we will look at how to structure them so it will have more meaning in reaching them. Remember goal setting is pointless, it is utilizing goal setting for 2 purposes, the what, and where. All you want to know is what it is that you want, and where you need to get to. With the ultimate purpose to have that goal achieved.

Personal goals could include:
* Career
* Health
* Relationships
* Personal development goals

So how do we structure these goals? Let us consider a career goal. Let us say you want to become a doctor. Let us say this is a major leap. Now I dont fully know the intricacies of becoming a doctor! But, let us give it a go!

First we know that you just cant get up and call your self a doctor and start practicing! At least not in almost all countries! So let us lay this down.

I am a doctor practicing, and healing people. It is my job and I love it.

We have the goal in a present tense format, as if it has already been achieved. Next we have the purpose, and some emotion. This is a well formed goal.

We also want to have a date we want to get there by. Without a deadline, we would not focus enough to achievement. It would take decades to make progress. The deadline needs to be realistic. To become a doctor in 3 months is not possible. To be able to run a mile in 3 months is possible.

Next we need to know how to get there. Invariably education would be needed. Then from passing, actually getting the job. And that is the beginning, all what you strove for.

Another goal we may look at is a personal development goal. Let us say you want to learn French. I will put that down, as my sister has been in France for the last few days!

I know how to speak fluent French. I can communicate with French people and they understand what I am saying!

We may set this goal for 2 years time.

Again the same principles apply. Example of personal goals can include a number of different areas, however, now you have some example of personal goals that can help you formulate your own goals and get excited as you go forward to achieving them.
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