How To Use Squats to Obtain Huge, Muscular Legs
How To Use Squats to Obtain Huge, Muscular Legs

How To Use Squats to Obtain Huge, Muscular Legs

Do you follow bodybuilding and want to gain muscle mass quickly? If so, then you know of "The Golden Eagle" whose real name is Tom Platz. Its a name that instantly pops into a persons mind that follows this sport. After all, hes widely known in the body building industry for his massive muscular legs. Platzs legs measure 35 inches, worn to the bone. The muscle-building program that helped him to create his legs had only one exercise to it: the barbell squat. Do you want muscular legs like Tom Platz? Then its time to familiarize yourself with this exercise so you can add more muscle mass to your legs.

Quads often have wide variances of muscle fibers. Due to these variances, you have a wide range of reps at your disposal to meet your Platz-sized legs. Its not uncommon for bodybuilders like Tom Platz to do about 50 reps per sets when doing squats.

Skinny Boy To Muscular Man With Squats

When you are skinny and want to gain muscle mass quickly, high rep squats can help you build up your size. Many young men in this very predicament will do high rep squats to bolster their weight. A 20 rep squat program that became widely known thanks to "The Golden Eagle" has been used by many skinny kids to boost muscle mass. Many people who use the program will pass on this knowledge to others that are looking for ways to bolster their muscle mass. It has yet to fail in gaining strength and increase muscle size for your men.

It is true that high rep squatting will give you the rapid gains you are looking for in muscle mass. However, its best to start slow with just a few heavy ones... perhaps in the four to eight range initially. Afterward, add in 10 to 15 more and finish out with the set of 20. As you progress, increase the set to 30, 40 and then 50. When you do the reps like this, you are going to hit every fiber type, which will then stimulate muscle growth by a large amount.

When Not To Do High Rep Squats

It is important to remember that you should never attempt high rep squats until you fully understand, and can do the squat technique while you are still at low rep training. This typically takes several months to master. It is vitally important to take this time because you need to build up four things to be safe. If you end up doing yourself damage, then it will take much longer to reach your goal of gain muscle mass quickly. Keep these four things in mind:

- Coordination
- Endurance
- Stability
- Strength

Once you have mastered these things, doing perfect low rep squat sets, then you can move into the higher rep sets without endangering or injuring yourself.

When To Squat - Base It On Levels

How often should you do squat reps? If you are a beginner, you should squat at least three times a week. People on the intermediate level need to do it twice a week and advanced folk should squat once every five to 10 days. Factor in running and other activities you do before settling on the routine to complete.

As you put together the muscle-building program you plan to use, design the squats to focus on any lower body training. After youve mastered this one exercise, consider adding in other exercises including but not limited to:

- Step-ups
- Lunges
- Glut ham raises

With a steady squat diet, you will be able to see a difference in your size and your strength sooner than you think.
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