Chest Workout 4 Key Factors On How To Build Chest Muscle Fast
Chest Workout 4 Key Factors On How To Build Chest Muscle Fast

Chest Workout 4 Key Factors On How To Build Chest Muscle Fast

Among the many muscle groups, chest muscle (pectorals) is often considered the most "showy" muscle; hence it is hardly a surprise that quite a number of men tend to focus on developing this muscle group to the point of sheer obsession. Its definitely not in the best interest of your body to over train your pectorals (or any other muscle group for that matter) as this would only lead to miniscule results or worse, excruciating injury such as pectoral tear.

Now admittedly, I was also guilty of over training this muscle group. The chest is often regarded as one of the most appealing part of the body hence many women find men with muscular chest sexually attractive. Anyway, I was a skinny hardgainer and extremely eager to improve my physique, so I started training my chest at least 3 times per week and performed all kinds of exercises in order to build my chest muscle and hopefully, attract the ladies as well (sad, I know). Alas, after several weeks of consistent training, I decided to throw in the towel as the efforts that I put in did not seem to indicate even an ounce of promise. I knew there was something amiss so as they say; its back to the drawing board.

I did a lot of research on this matter and plodded through various online and offline sources offering so-called "secret tips and tactics" to develop a killer chest. Most of them are utter nonsense! Finally it came to my attention that in order to build decent looking chest muscle fast; one has to focus on these 4 key factors:

1. Focus on presses - Start channeling your efforts on proven mass maker exercises. Im referring to basic pressing compound movements such as barbell/dumbbell bench press and chest dips. These are the exercises that can truly make a difference to the overall development of your pectorals compared to dumbbell flyes or barbell/dumbbell pullovers. I used to believe that performing flyes consistently will help to create "razor sharp definition" around the outer part of the chest, no thanks to a dubious tip I discovered in many muscle publications and websites.

Now Im not implying that flyes and pullover exercises are utter useless. They should also be considered every now and again, however pressing compound movements must be treated as the primary arsenal of your chest pumping workout. For bench workout, do mix in incline and decline presses to facilitate growth in the upper and lower part of your chest respectively.

2. Focus on gradual positive progression - Building highly developed pecs may take some time especially if youre hardgainer, but its not impossible to have a noticeably muscular chest in a relatively short period of time. The key is to focus on slow but gradual positive weekly progression. This means that you must improve upon your previous workout session by either increasing the poundage, or add a rep or two and perform the exercise to total failure. I can assure you that this tactic can help you build a noteworthy chest muscle fast, generally in a matter of weeks provided that you employ them consistently, week in, week out.

3. Focus on intensity not frequency - As mentioned earlier, I was so desperate to pack on a decent set of pecs that I completely over trained them. Learn to minimize training frequency as intensity level is actually the key to transforming your chest from a flat, barren landscape, to barrels of massive proportion! Stop training your chest 3 to 4 times per week because it wont make any difference, trust me. It is best that you train your chest with maximum intensity once per week using the progression tactic for optimum development. This also applies to other muscle groups. Once a week with super concentrated intensity is all it takes to produce terrific results.

4. Focus on adequate muscle building nutrition - Without proper nutrition, its near impossible to change your physique. Protein for example, is the key nutrient for building and repairing muscle tissues. Carbohydrates, fats, and other micro-nutrient support are also crucial for improving the quality of your physique. How are you going to build your chest muscle fast if you do not consume the appropriate ratio of muscle building nutrients? Always keep your diet in check, otherwise all your muscle building efforts shall go to waste.

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