How to Talk Sweet to a Boyfriend
How to Talk Sweet to a Boyfriend

How to Talk Sweet to a Boyfriend

Has your boyfriend ever (in true sincerity) flattered you, complimented you, etc., to the point where you just felt you could burst from all the love and affection sent your way? Did it make you feel truly appreciated, loved, and paid attention to?

Actually, guys like that sort of thing, too. They might not be looking for it in quite the same way, but they like compliments and they like to be flattered (sincerely) by the ones they love. If this is something you havent tried with your boyfriend before, try it. Youll be surprised how much hell like it, and will open up to you.

One basic rule about compliments and flattery before we begin
Theres really one rule about flattering your boyfriend or saying something sweet about him, and that is that you have to be honest. It might work a time or two if you try to do this without sincerity, but its not going to last. Number one, you are being dishonest, and thats never a good way to establish a relationship. And number two, hes likely to find out, which is going to cause some very hurt feelings. So be truthful all the time, even with flattery.

Things to focus on
Take a look at your sweetie for a second (even if hes not right there; surely you can conjure him up in your minds eye). What are some of the things that attracted you to him in the first place? Is he good looking? Does he have a good sense of humor? Does he treat you well, bring you surprises that you werent expecting but appreciate, etc.?

Take a moment to jot down everything you like about your boyfriend. It can be anything. Brainstorm.

Now, heres where your compliments and flattery are going to come from. (And trust me, guys like to hear this; they just dont show it.) And, oh, yes; theres another rule, too.

Dont just "pile it on"
Compliments and flattery work best when theyre used regularly but sparingly; you want to do this often enough that your guy feels really special and appreciated, but not so often that it will sound fake or that it will lose its impact.

Some examples of "talking sweet" to your boyfriend
Take that list of things that you really like about your boyfriend and that you wrote down earlier. Lets say that hes got the most amazing smile youve ever seen. So, next time you kiss him and he gives you that amazing smile, say something like, "I just love the way you smile at me; I cant get over it." Hes likely to blush (especially if you havent done this before), but hell be really pleased.

Or, lets say that hes really, really thoughtful and is always paying attention to something you need, even if its not particularly romantic in the traditional sense. Lets say that youve got this leaky faucet in your kitchen, and one day he simply shows up with tools and fixes it without your even asking him to. Now, isnt that sweet? It might not be flowers, true, but hes really showing you that he cares and that hes paying attention to what you want or need.

So if you know that, you can say something like, "That was so thoughtful of you to do that; you are the greatest guy ever. Im so lucky." Hell feel very, very lucky that hes got a great woman like you who really pays attention to the fact that he cares about you. (And a lot of women dont, you know, so this is something thats really important.)

And thats it; try it on a regular basis. A little well-placed honest flattery based upon what you like best about your guy will have him "swooning" as much about you as you do about him. (Even if for him, "swooning" means that he blushes, clears his throat, and stares at the floor. Thats "swooning" in guy talk, and he loves it.)
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