Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

When it comes to the curiosity of men and women, both can vary in in a big way. Asking good questions comes from curiosity. What is it that you want to know from your girlfriend that makes you curious. There could be a wide range of questions to ask but only few are what really matter.

They say that men are 80% sexual, 20 % romantic and that woman are 80% romantic, 20% percent sexual.Good questions that have to do with getting to know who your real girlfriend is, are much more important than the curiosity of her physical attributes.S

imple questions can be a good start to know what are her interest for different things. A good example of those questions are the following:

Whats your favorite color?

What are your favorite hobbies?

What type of music do like to you listen to?

What games do you like to play?

Simple questioning, yet very effective answers that can strengthen the relationship. If you can figure out her likes and dislikes, you can compare it to yours and therefore, see how both can spend time more effectively and make the relationship prosper.

Many other good questions to ask your girlfriend can come from other interest that can vary from her life experiences, childhood, teenage years, and her current life.

However, these questions may vary depending on the relationship it self and each others interest, but that does not change the fact that asking questions is important with in a relationship.

Relationships grow throw the knowledge of the other person and asking good questions is one of the best ways to allow any relationship to grow. Although answers to a lot of things come with time, you can take advantage of it by asking before that time arrives.

Not only are you learning more about that person, but you are directly interacting with them and satisfy any doubts or concerns that you might have.More serious questioning could be about her personal life. This has to do with her intimate experiences and her more emotional side.

This is were the questions to ask about her past relationships come in to play.When it comes to asking these type of questions to your girlfriend, things might be slightly more delicate than any other questioning you might have.

The reason: Were there was fire, ashes remain.

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