Homemade Ethanol - Learn How to Make Homemade Ethanol

Homemade Ethanol - Learn How to Make Homemade Ethanol

Homemade ethanol is something that has been produced for centuries although with rising gas prices, has been more studied. Many people know of it as moonshine. Yes thats the same stuff that was around in the prohibition days with people hiding their stills back into the hills in hopes of not being arrested. Now that same stuff that people were hiding in their make-shift cellars has a simple additive that makes it legal. And not only is it legal, its being touted as the savior to the gas crisis.

Basically all that homemade ethanol is is the moonshine that has long been known and loved in country homes. How homemade ethanol is created is actually a simple but difficult procedure if that is possible. The difficult part of homemade ethanol is getting everything just right. But the simple part is getting some corn and processing it through a still.

To make homemade ethanol you will have to have a working still. You can either make one yourself with the many patterns available or you can purchase one. With so many people wanting to save on gas there are now companies who actually make stills to sell. You can purchase them either online or through various catalogs. Surprising to say the least but its true. Many are constructed of copper or stainless steel for various reasons. Copper is loved for its ability to transfer heat while stainless steel is loved for its corrosion resistance. Either one would work for your homemade still.

Once you have either purchased or built your still, you will need to decide which type of grain you wish you use for your homemade ethanol. Many use corn but you can also use oats or barley along with various other crops. There are some that will even try to make ethanol with straw. Ive heard varying results as to how well it does but people seem to be happy with it and so thats what seems to matter. There is some speculation as to which product works better with each person having their own ideas. Corn is one that many use as it is one of the biggest crops grown throughout the United States.

To make homemade ethanol you will need to first grind the corn into corn flour. Once that has been completed you will place it inside of a still and then bring the mash to a boil. Now comes the important part. You will need to place some yeast and other ingredients inside of the concoction so that the mash will ferment. The fermentation process is very important as thats what produces the alcohol. To continue making your homemade ethanol you will need to allow the fermenting mash to sit for 40-50 hours. The mash will need to be stirred and kept somewhat cool so that the yeast can properly work.

After the mixture has been allowed to cool, you will almost be done with your homemade ethanol. The last thing that you will need to do is to separate the liquid from the grains. Many people will use the grains to feed livestock so that nothing is wasted. The liquid is now what many call moonshine. To be turned into ethanol many will add it to gasoline whereas others like to run straight ethanol. The choice is yours.

Allen Walker is a hard working american man who decided to do something about the high costs of gasoline that was affecting his life and family. He constructed his own ethanol still and now manufactures his own fuel from his backyard. You too can save money on gas by visiting his website www.ethanol-earth.com to learn how to make ethanol fuel.