Different Types of Purse
Different Types of Purse

Different Types of Purse

Purse is usually used by women. She puts all her important things here when going out. She may put her money, keys and even her cellular phones. A purse can speak for the lady, depending on the color, style, size and design.

There are many purse designs now. The newest patterns are crochet, paper, felted, knit, capri sun, blue jean, quilted and beaded. We will describe some of these patterns here.

Crochet is a craft that stitches patterns with a specialized hook and some strings or yarns. Depending on the pattern, one can crochet a simple doily, a shirt or blouse, or even a purse. To start crocheting, you must learn to do the basic stitches and follow the pattern in a crochet book.

The materials needed for crochet are skein threads, hooks of different sizes (depending on the kind of thread used), stitch markers, needles, pailettes, D-rings, foam for the bottom, zipper, thread and pins.

Paper purses are versatile. It can be created for party favor bags. It can also be good as a gift. The materials used for these are double sided paper, pencils, paper trimmer, adhesive, scoring tool which is a done folder and decoration items like ribbons, charms and many more. The pattern requires folding, cutting and pasting.

There are special materials applied to papers to make it more durable and lasting when made as purses. Sometimes, there are thickeners applied, like paste or varnishes. Others prefer to top it off with plastic to preserve the paper.

The advantage of paper is the almost limitless options of designs. And with only a few stitches needed, it can be more easily mass produced.

Knit purses are done in chunky yarn with the use of a pair of big needles. Similar to crocheting, knitting a purse requires some basic skills. Start with the basic stitches of knitting to be able to work on simple patterns at least.

There are special hooks needed for knitting. They look like a pair of elongated chopsticks. Knits and crochets are more expensive kinds of purses because of the labor needed to make a single purse.

However, there are now also machines that can make crocheted and knitted purses. These are only for commercial purposes, and are not as durable as the handmade variety.

Capri sun purse are one of the easiest to make. They are made of recyclable materials, therefore environment friendly. The materials needed are juice bags, sewing machine needles, sewing thread and seam ripper. Juice bags will serve as the material or cloth of the purse. Sew them together to create a unique looking purse.

Other purses are made of durable plastic materials. The current fad is that made of see-through or transparent plastic. The contents are visible from the outside because of the transparent material used. Such purses are made from thick plastic designed to outlast heat.

And of course, the most basic kind and perhaps still the most preferred are those purses made of textile or cloth. These come in very varied designs, shapes and sizes. These are easier to sew, requiring only a few minutes.

There are more patterns that are not discussed here. Purses can be as varied as your imagination will take you. You can do your own innovations, use a unique material and design your own pattern.

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