5 Reasons Why You Need to Forget Your Ex
5 Reasons Why You Need to Forget Your Ex

5 Reasons Why You Need to Forget Your Ex

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Most people take long time to forget they ex after they have been dumped. Some take months and other never get to recover; here are five reasons why you need to forget all that.

Mental Heath.

Most people think that mental heath is for those who have mental disability, which is not true. It is like saying to have auto insurance is only good during in wintertime. Keep thinking about your ex when he/she is out of your life is to keep distracting your mind. Contrary to popular belief, one negative thought in your mind can destruct almost every other thing in your life. Your mind will be overwhelmed with so many thoughts that will reduce your mental capability.


Imagine your computer hard drive to be full of virus; will it perform its task well? I dont think so. Keep thinking of your past relationships all the time will put more VIRUS in your brain and it will not be able produce better result. The ability to do your work properly will be reduced.

Bad Motivation Strategy

There are two kind of motivation strategy, moving toward to and moving away from. Most successful people are motivated by the former, keep thinking about your ex is a bad motivation strategy it make you reinforcing bad memories and accumulating them in your mind. Instead, think about how you are going to make a good relationship and go for it.

Reducing Your Chances to Get a New Love

Like I said earlier, keeping thinking about past bad relationships will produce unhealthy mind .One thing that you need to understand is this we attract what we believe we can have. These beliefs are produced by our thoughts. Negative thoughts like thinking about your ex will not attract good experience in the future like to meet a new lover. Start to thing about your new relationship.

To Be Happy

Every time you have a good thought, your brain secrete chemicals know as Serotonin. The reactions of these chemicals produce state of mind. Ill give you a little exercise to prove this concept. Relax and think of the last time you had a lot of fun. Remember every thing you did. If it was watching a movie, a comedy show or meeting your friends just any experience you can remember. Imagine it for about two minutes. Think of another experience that made you feel happy, do the same and enjoy it.

Are You Feeling Different?

Of course you are. You see our mind is very useful tool for us to not only to control our metabolism or remembering thing but we can use it to change how we feel. By thinking about our good experiences we force our brain to secrete chemicals that will produce good feelings, hence be happy.

Remember to forget your ex. Thats all for today, thanks for reading, bye


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