Mobile phone and teenagers

Mobile phone and teenagers

Mobile phones have become an essential part of human life. Teenagers are the majority of mobile phone user in the world. An empirical study about uses and misuses of the mobile phone has highlighted that teenagers are the most affected among mobile phone users. The consumption patterns of mobile phone among teenagers are erratic and alarming. The teenagers aged 15-22 are much crazy than the people of other age segments. The analysis also alarms that teenagers relationship to the modern mobile phone is in consistent with their usual consumption pattern. A dependency use of the phone is related to an uncommon behavior of the youngsters.

The traditional age and gender division of the people in modern mobile phone application that can be easily observed is an interesting part of mobile phone technology that shows hardly any difference in genders in use. An intense technological interest and trend-consciousness is linked to impulsive consumption of mobile phone among female. Though the use of frugal or thrifty mobile phone is not related to a gender, yet thrifty mobile phone consumption is old story by any teenager. The intense interest and a craze among female has taken a notable lead from male. Today it is status symbol among teenagers to have an expensive and sophisticated mobile phone with latest technology available in market.

No doubt mobile phone is a need of the day but various evils and diseases catch teenagers at their early age. The students in colleges and schools are extensively using mobile phones instead concentrating in classes. Driven in part of evils the students do not concentrate in their studies and being at the age of easily maneuverable, they divert to unwanted activities that lead them away from their studies. The application of mobile phones like sending SMS, making video film, MMS, chatting etc is the practice of teenagers. It is observed that the maximum number of teenagers found talking on mobile phones while driving the vehicle.

There are many other evils connected with use of mobile phone users especially among teenagers. Disturbing claims of doing wrong by mobile phones, a new research in the America and other part of globe is exploring links between a mobile phone radiation and dreaded disease like cancer. An extensive use of mobile phone by teenagers gives rise to many serious diseases at early age. Dangerous diseases like brain cancer, insomnia etc are not the only health alarm to the user of mobile phones, but there are still innumerable side effects which are yet to be discovered. There are widely published suggestions and advises to mobile phone users for their safety. But whatever may be good or bad effects of mobile phone, its boom will remain among teenagers.

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