5 Habits of the Highly Mediocre

5 Habits of the Highly Mediocre

At last, the closely-guarded, little-known habits of the highly mediocre are exposed! After years of unscientific research and observation, we reveal the powerful daily habits in this article. No longer will the highly mediocre have the corner on status quo. By developing these habits, we 100% guarantee a mediocre existence.

Habit # 1: Lack vision or focus. These people wake-up every day and are thrilled at the thought half their life has passed them by. They spend more time planning a vacation than their life. Their life is an undistinguishable, continual series of reactions. There is no reason to be intentional about their life, families, or careers. Discernment and clarity are taboo. Leaving a legacy or imprint on this world is for dreamers and not for the average person.

Habit # 2: Conform to a mold. These people are most happy when they stifle their own uniqueness and individuality. They strive to be like others in what they wear (just go to any mall), how they look (find a teenager), and what they do (their sense of adventure is driving an SUV). Predictability is their daily vitamin. Coloring inside the lines keeps them safe and small.

Habit # 3: Remain busy. These people are constantly telling you how busy they are. They go, go, go continually without having any margin or space to breathe and relax. These busy people are fearful to stop and examine where all this frantic comes from. This blur of busyness is a cover for a humdrum, run-of-the-mill, ordinary existence.

Habit # 4: Fear change. These people spend all their time trying to keep things exactly as they are. They thrive on driving to work the same way, eat at the same restaurants, and do the same old, same old. Vanilla is their flavor of existence. They look for every opportunity to stifle dreams – their own and those that surround them. They love to tell you why something cant work. Their legacy is the phrase "weve always done it that way."

Habit # 5: Believe x will bring happiness. These mediocre people believe that when this happens then their life, family, or career will be great. They cling to the belief that there is always "something" out there that will make their life great, perfect, or as it "should" be. When that happens, then they will be able to live their life. True happiness, joy, and peace will follow when that happens. They are motivated to continue striving for this external event to happen because that will be the key to unlock their greatness.

The shocking truth is you can avoid developing the 6th habit, believing it will always be this way! There are countermeasures to combat the rampant pandemic of mediocrity. Turn mediocrity into a meteoric life and performance. Youll wonder why you waited!