Top 10 ways to get high backlinks to your blog

Top 10 ways to get high backlinks to your blog

"Effective ways to Get Backlinks to your Blog"

Backlinks, also referred to as inbound links, are links from other website to your own website. They are not only the heart and soul of websites, but also of blogs. Creating backlinks draws in traffic to your blog, gives you exposure and promotes uprates your rank in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Backlinks can bring in immense traffic from both referrals and search engines. There are several ways which you can embrace to get backlinks to your blog.

Following are some effective methods to get backlinks to your blog:

· Comment on Blogs
Commenting on blogs is considered to be an effective way to acquire backlinks. Apart from commenting and attaching link to your blog, make sure that you submit your blog to a appropriate blog post. Above all, ensure that the blog you commented on is a niche related one. Ascertain that you post regular comments to your blog.

· Submission of blogs to directories
Submitting blogs to directories is one of the most common methods to gain backlinks. pasting blogs to free directories can also assist you acquire ample backlinks. There are people who mix up directories with link farms, and believe that they will be penalized for publishing blogs to directories. Mind that submitting blogs to directories is not entitled to penalization if payment is made for link.

· Linkbaiting: An effective process

You can also resort to linkbaiting techniques for acquiring backlinks. Linkbaiting indicates the process of placing a blog on the webpage designed for acquiring links from different sources.

· Submission of blog to social bookmarking website

Submitting blogs to a social bookmarking site is also effective in building backlinks. But the submitting process should be performed at regular intervals.

· Social Networking
Social networking is another way of building backlinks for your blog. There are [several social networking sites where you can post your blog. Some of the popular social networking sites include Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin, Hi5, Twitter and MySpace. Registering and posting blogs in these social networking websites can create ample backlinks to your blog.

· Scoops

Writing a blog on the recent topics may help you in getting considerable backlinks because most of the bloggers who develop topic usually provide a link as its source.

· Inclusion interesting features to your blog

Include certain interesting things in your blogs so that the browsers find every reason to revisit your blog. You can also offer free tips or free e-books in your blog to attract the attention of the browsers.

· Be the partner of other bloggers

You can acquire backlinks by entering into partnership with other bloggers. You can also add your blog to the popular blog sites of your friends or acquaintances. This will help you to acquire desired backlinks.

· Other ways of backlink building
Do not offer your links on pages stuffed with other links because this may lower your blog rank, and obstruct the inflow of backlinks to your blog.