This Seasons Sunglasses
This Seasons Sunglasses

This Seasons Sunglasses

Summer is upon us, and with it comes a wave of new styles. Perhaps the most fun about summer style is finding out which sunglasses will be hot this year. The key to the hippest styles usually has nothing to do with what is brand new. Most "new" style trends are simply spins off of formerly worn, beloved fads. This summers sunglasses will be no exception to that theory.

For men and womens sunglasses this year, bigger is definitely better. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have flaunted their flair for the oversized frames for the past few years, and it looks like the trend has finally taken hold. Oversized sunglasses, paying homage to the late, great Jackie O, appear to be here to stay. However, fashion gurus will warn you not to go overboard with this idea. If the sunglasses appear to be swallowing your face, you might want to take it down a notch.

Particularly in the moment of the oversized framed sunglasses, women appear to be having fun with their colors. No longer is the Jackie O a plain black frame with dark black lenses. Todays are Onassis Glasses with an attitude. Fashion icons can be seen sporting oversized frames in red, green, purple, and other bright colors. However, white frames also seem to be a favorite.

One retroactive style of sunglasses that is back again is no longer exclusive to men. While guys love this look too, Aviators are striking a feminine note this year. These sunglasses are as versatile and fun as they are functional. For the men, they can be found in dark colored or mirrored lenses, while women may favor purple or rose tints on these particular sunglasses. Rhinestones and other gems are added to the sides of the lenses for a little flare.

Another particularly popular style of the moment for men and women is the wraparound. Dont be fooled by the name. These are not your average snowboarders goggles turned sunglasses. This years wraparounds are being designed by some of the most celebrated designers in Hollywood, New York, Milan and everywhere in between. You will not be disappointed.

Particular varieties of wraparound sunglasses are geared toward either men or women by changing up the style, color, and size. Women are leaning toward larger styles, as with the oversized craze discussed earlier. For wraparound oversized sunglasses, stars like Beyonce have been of inspiration to designers. One favorite is a square shape, and the lenses simply continue to the arms of the sunglasses and lay over the temples. This style too has been dressed up with rhinestones for a little shine.

Mens wraparound sunglasses this season are all about sleek and simple design. Most designers have abandoned the flowing, rounded look of original wraparounds for a more box like effect. As with womens wraparounds, the lens continues to the sides of the head. Black seems to be the most popular color in these mens sunglasses, which completes the chic, classy look you want your man to have.

This summer welcomes old styles of sunglasses with new attitude. Check the red carpets and runways for the latest developments and to make sure they style youre sporting didnt go out of style yesterday, how embarrassing! Just remember that all the celebrities in the world cant dictate what looks good on you, so pick your sunglasses based on what you like, not them.

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