High Quality Materials Make Luxury Hastens Beds the Best

High Quality Materials Make Luxury Hastens Beds the Best

Hasten mattresses are renowned around the world as the greatest luxury mattress. Hasten beds are manufactured in Sweden of the finest materials. They are declared the official beds of the Swedish Royal Family. constructed of all natural materials, Hasten mattresses give a perfect eight hours sleep.

Each luxury mattress is manufactured by hand of wool, cotton, flax, and horsehair. The frames are made of Swedish Pine, and the coils of Swedish steel.

Hastens was begun in 1852, crafting saddles and carriage seats. The company name speaks of its history, as hast is translated as horse in Swedish. It was common knowledge in the 19th century that horse hair comprised the highest quality filling material for saddles and carriage seating. Hastens remembers that essential fact. Each bed is crafted by craftsmen, by hand. In spite of the increased demand for Hasten mattresses, the company does not compromise on craftsmanship.

The frame for each luxury mattress is made of Swedish Pine, raised slowly in the north of Sweden. This pine is a dense, fine grained wood that acquires a rich gold color over time. Hastens uses only the finest tempered steel springs made entirely in Sweden. The coil design in a Hastens mattress is patented. Each coil is wound before it is hardened so that it retains its curvature and height. Then each coil is pocketed individually so that it can move independently of every other coil.

Each Hastens luxury mattress is covered in the best cotton. Cotton ensures that sweat from the body is wicked away during the night. A person will never wake up moist with perspiration. Underneath the cotton is wool. Wool has the property to both insulate and cool. It controls temperature so that one who is resting will never be too hot or too chilled. The ancient natural plant, flax, is used between and under the coils to absorb moisture and block the accumulation of static electricity. Flax is also durable and bendable, affording stress absorption between the coils.

At the heart of each Hastens all natural mattress is horsehair. Horse hair has amazing qualities. It has a simple ventilation system in that any moisture that contacts it becomes a gas almost immediately. This system creates cooling for horses, and the characteristics of the hair give that same benefit in a mattress. Horse hair also provides a natural bounce to the filling of a Hastens mattress. Horse hair also does not attract dust mites. Hastens processes the horsehair, cuts, stitches, and ties the mattress by hand. Hastens says, `machines may do it cheaper, but humans always do it better.

Optional quilts and bolsters are filled with natural down, the most insulating and water vapor tempering filling possible for quilts.

The all natural materials in a Hastens mattress provides a bed that is not irritating. No toxic fumes will be given off from wool, cotton, flax or horsehair as they do from aon made foams typically used in regular beds.

The quality of construction of a Hastens luxury mattress allows the company to give an unequaled 25 year guarantee on their beds. No better bed can be discovered.
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