The characteristics of a good teacher and the roles they play
The characteristics of a good teacher and the roles they play

The characteristics of a good teacher and the roles they play

Teachers are a vital part in the education of students. There are a lot of roles that teachers play, being the adult overseeing childrens world. A teacher is both a friend and a disciplinarian to his/her students. Teachers should learn to be approachable for they are the only ones who can help the students in school. However, teachers should also know when to stop being a friend and start being a disciplinarian to the students. The students sense of respect should always be there, and teachers should still discipline their students even when they are trying to be a friend to their students. Teachers help, not only in academic growth, but also in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth of their students.

Here are characteristics that a teacher should learn:

• Preparedness - A teacher has to be prepared to teach every day. Enough sleep and a hearty breakfast should give him/her the energy to cope up with the demands of all-day teaching. Dressing up professionally and properly is also a sign of preparedness. A well-prepared lesson plan prevents confusion and helps in determining the right order of the lecture.

• Patience - There are students who do not easily learn with just one lecture. A teacher should learn how to deal with this kind of students. Make sure to ask the students if they understood the lesson well. Repeat the explanation until each student understands the lecture.

• Interesting - Explaining the lesson well is not enough. Make the lesson more interesting by changing the method of teaching, e.g. incorporating games to the lecture. The participation of students may help them understand the lesson better.

• Learn to Review - A teacher is a master of his/her subject matter, but it is important that he/she reviews the subject. Lessons change as new discoveries are unveiled about a particular subject, especially Science. The lessons that a teacher imparts on the students should be up to date.

The most important role that teachers play in school is the childrens second parent. Students and parents should have a contact with the teacher especially in case of emergency, and business card printing can help the teachers in this situation. Teachers can print business cards and give it to students so that the students can keep in touch with them if the students have questions.