Cheapest holiday destinations 2020
Cheapest holiday destinations 2020


A lot of people dream to travel the world someday.There are a lot of reasons why people would want to travel. It could beanything from escaping from their lives to experiencing other people's culturesor even something as little as having fun. But these dreams sometimes neverbecome reality. Why? Because there is not enough money to indulge in thesewishes. The good news is, you don't need a lot of money to be able to achieveyour goals — there are cheap holiday destinations. Check out some of the cheapestholiday destinations for 2020 below!

 1. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of Asia's fastest-growing countries,and as such, the cost of visiting goes up each year, but at the moment, it'sstill a good place to visit on a low budget. With a backpacking budget of$40-$100, you can enjoy comfort in Vietnam. That will not cover all yourexpenses however, although it will take care of the basics. So, if you'relooking to go on a tour of Vietnam, you'll need more. And believe me, there arelots to see and do in Vietnam. You can visit Hoi An which is said to be thebest city on Earth. But you can also visit Halong Bay or hike through Cat BaIsland, or drop into the world's largest cave in Phong Nha National Park. Theoptions are endless!

 2. Capetown

Capetown is for everyone who's in the mood for a cheap holiday. I'm talking about romantics, families, newlyweds, and even singlepeople. Here, you can take short drives, walk on the white sandy beaches, visitthe traditional visiting village and wild mountain ranges, as well as visiticonic locations like Cape Point, and Cape Winelands. Capetown also houses oneof the 7 Natural Wonders of the World!

 3. Ecuador

Ecuador is the home of the most astonishing wildlife-filled islands in the world! It is filled with breathtaking peaks andthe culture is simply mind-blowing. Funny thing, most people ignore Ecuadorwhen they're considering going on a holiday, with countries Peru taking theshine away from it. But that's why it's so affordable and cheap. It has manyattractions from the Galápagos Islands which is the major attraction of Ecuadorand South America, and Quito which is the second-highest capital in the world.Then, there's the Lake Quilotoa, a former volcano now peaceful. I dare say, itis the most peaceful place in the country.

 4. Poland

For a lot of people, the food is why they visit Poland. Why? The country has so many delicious meals that you're almost alwayshungry and salivating from the aromas you perceive in the streets. It is alsovery affordable and has a lot of history attached to it. If you're a historybuff, you certainly will not get bored in Poland.

 5. India

In a report by the biennial World Economic Forum (WEF)Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, India holds the 10th position forprice competitiveness. You can afford luxury at an affordable price. The foodis also not costly and you can go around the city for next to nothing. Do make sure to go see the world's tallest building, the Taj Mahal, while you'revisiting.

 6. Mexico City

Mexico is a great spot to visit for many travelers,and no, not just because it is affordable either, but also because there issomething for everyone! There is a variety to choose from, from the desert tothe jungle, to the variety of wildlife the country is blessed with. The peopleare also very friendly which makes the trip even more peaceful and relaxing.

 7. Budapest

Budapest's nature is magnificent. The best part aboutthis is, you don't have to leave the country itself to enjoy nature. Just takea tram to one of its parks and there you can be with nature for as long asyou'd like. You can also go hiking or visit the Vajdahunyad Castle with itspond, as well as the statue of the first Hungarian medieval chronicler. BeforeI forget, make sure to visit Margaret Island and witness its gorgeous naturefor yourself. As for architecture, it is equally astonishing.

 8. Nepal,Himalayas

In Nepal, you can get hotel rooms for less than $20,food per day for $10. Surprisingly affordable, isn't it?

 9. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is overlooked by many travelers which makesit even better and cheaper. One of Sri Lana's major attractions is Asia'swildlife hotspot that boasts of 26 National parks and two marine parks. Themost popular of them all is the Yala National Park which has the highestdensity of leopards in the world, mugger crocodiles, 215 species of birds, fivespecies of sea turtles, etc.

10. Nicaragua

Thanks to its perfect combination of Pacific and Caribbean coasts, volcanoes, and varied ecosystems, Nicaragua is a trulybeautiful place to visit. It is less developed, which contributes to why it isoften overlooked, but that's why it's also affordable. And the sights are trulysomething to see!

Amazing places, aren't they?