Snail Slime Cream For Acne Pitted Scars
Snail Slime Cream For Acne Pitted Scars

Snail Slime Cream For Acne Pitted Scars

Ever heard of this? Snail slime cream for acne pitted scars!? Our common garden snail (Helix Aspersa Müller) in the park and garden actually secretes this "biological agent" (Helix Aspersa Müller Glyococonjugates) that can regenerate and protect our skin. Whenever the snail has it shell damaged, this substance would just restore it. How was the properties of snail slime discovered and subsequently made into effective creams? Chilean snail farmers who supplied the French gourmet market noticed that they have significantly softer skin and fast healing of small cuts and scars without any infection after handling snails. It took many many years after that for this "snail slime" to be made into a cream. What does this snail secretion contains?

  • Allantoin
It is termed as a cell proliferant as this substance makes regeneration of the skin possible. It is the most effective rejuvenation substance for scars and is also an anti-oxidant, which helps fight off free radicals that damage skin and ages it.
  • Collagen
The structural protein that gives the skin its rigidity and along with Elastin, is a main component of human skin and connective tissue. Needless to say, you should know about Collagen already.
  • Elastin
The protein that gives the skin its elasticity. The body slows down its production of elastin once mature, causing the skin to age. That is why your skin ages together with ur age.
  • Glycolic Acid
Enhances natural exfoliation, re-hydrates, inhibits free radicals and also promotes the bodys own production of Collagen. (See my glocolic acid for acne post)
  • Antibiotic Peptides
Protect the skin from environmental stress and are effective against different types of bacteria commonly found in human skin infections. The peptides destroy the pathogens present on the surface and in the pores of the skin and act like a protective barrier. Blocking the microbial pathway to the blood stream allows the immune system to heal damage in an environment similar to that in which a broken bone heals inside the body. Among the few different brands of snail slime creams, I find Elicina to be the most reputable and pioneering. If you would like to try out 1 jar of Elicina, click here to buy it from Amazon. :) Ohya, before I forget, no snails are harmed in getting their valuable secretion! :)