Tips On How To Deal With Greasy Hands
Tips On How To Deal With Greasy Hands

Tips On How To Deal With Greasy Hands

Honestly, there is one surefire way of getting rid of greasy hands. You need to go to the sink and start washing away with a good bar of soap or a palm worth of liquid detergent. As long as you feel the grease on your hands, you can continue washing away.

This will be fairly easy if the grease in question is nothing more than bacon grease or the usual oils you see in the kitchen. However, greasy - and we mean, really greasy hands - usually come from stronger substances that stain the skin something fierce. These stains are not only unsightly, but they may also cause health concerns in the long run.

Human skin may not be a very porous material. In fact, it is water-proof and can provide a lot of protection from the harmful effects of some of the stronger industrial grease. But skin can break, and tiny cuts and scratches can be the entry point for bacterial infection due to contamination. So if you find yourself constantly dealing with greasy hands, or you just want to remove some of the stubborn grease stains you already have, here are some tips on how to do so:

Tip: Try to know precisely what kind of grease you are up against with. If you can, try to read the package label to see if there are is manufacturers advice on how to remove that particular greasy stain on skin.

Tip: Try liquid washing soaps, particularly the antibacterial dishwashing soaps. We all know that these soaps are great when it comes to cutting grease on plates and cooking utensils. Some of these may actually work on bicycle grease as well. Simply washing off may not do the trick though. It would be best if you have a scrub to use on the affected areas as well. Try not to scrub too vigorously that scratches will appear on your skin.

Tip: The same is true with soap pastes like laundry detergent paste and dishwashing paste. The soap also helps cut through the grease, and may lighten grease spots considerably.

Tip: Ditch the hot water. One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to grease removal is to actually subject the area to a soaking in hot or warm water. This actually helps settle the grease stains even more - not to mention quite uncomfortable on the skin. Cold water or plain tap water will do for washing.

Tip: Use oil before working and after washing up. Oil on the skin helps prevent greasy hands from happening in the first place. You can also use oil after washing up. If the stain is still there after a good bout of soaping, apply oil generously on the affected area and massage away. Although this stain removal process may take some time, you can eventually get rid of the discoloration faster than if you do not use oil at all. Any type of clear oil will do like baby oil or even olive oil.

The best course of action here, as always, is prevention. Wearing protective gloves while working may save you a lot of greasy hands problem later on.

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