Resolving Incorrect key file for table - Error in MySQL

Resolving Incorrect key file for table - Error in MySQL

In MySQL relational database management system, you can use different storage engines for effective storage and management of your data. MyISAM is a default storage engine in MySQL, which is based on older ISAM code. However, it has several useful extensions. Every MyISAM table is stored in three files on the hard drive. The definition of the table is stored in .frm file. In some situations, the MyISAM tables gets damaged due to numerous reasons and you cannot access the stored data. It leads to severe data loss situations and requires MySQL Recovery, if there is not backup in place.

When you try to access, update, or save a MySQL table, you may come across the below error message:

"#1034 - Incorrect key file for table

; try to repair it"The above error message occurs with the MyISAM tables, which has utf8 fields, several indexes, and the fulltext. After the above error message, you cannot perform any operation on the particular table and it becomes completely unusable. In order to retrieve data from the corrupted database table, you must first identify what is causing this problem and then Repair MySQL Database by resolving it. Grounds of the problemYou may face this problem due to corruption to MySQL table. The table may get damaged due to any of the below reasons:Unexpected system shutdown. It interrupts the database process and write operation. Virus infection. Viruses are malicious programs that damage or delete the MySQL tables. Application malfunction. Errors in MySQL application may damage the structure of the table. File system corruption. Damage to the Windows file system may render your table inaccessible and cause data loss. How to fix MySQL table corruption?Try out either of the following solutions to sort out this problem:Restore the table from backup. The backup must be complete and working.Use REPAIR TABLE command. It is an in-built command-line utility of MySQL application. If none of the above methods help you to fix this issue, use MySQL Repair software to repair and restore the damaged MySQL tables. The applications use efficient scanning mechanisms to successfully repair damaged MySQL tables. They Repair MySQL database in a safe way with simple and rich graphical user interface. These tools preserve integrity of your data as of their read-only nature. Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL software repairs and restores damaged MySQL tables of both MyISAM and InnoDB storage engines. It is designed for MySQL 5.x and 4.x. The software restores MySQL tables, reports, views, keys, indexes, data types, stored procedures, and triggers.