The System Cannot Find the Path Specified Error in Exchange Server
The System Cannot Find the Path Specified Error in Exchange Server

The System Cannot Find the Path Specified Error in Exchange Server

When you use Disk part to expand a clustered volume on Microsoft Exchange Server that is running the cluster service and then move the expanded volume to another node in the group, you wont be able to access EDB file stored on it. When you try to access the contents of EDB file, you may get the following error message:

"The system cannot find the path specified"

This error messages can also occur on the unexpanded volume.


There are several possible causes of this problem depending upon the system changes you have made or they have been made due to software malfunction, virus attack and many alike. The main causes are:

• When the volume structure is changed, it possibly has changed the path of the particular EDB file

• While expanding the clustered volume, the file system entry of the file has got corrupted or deleted

• The file has got damaged due to file system entry corruption or any other reasons like improper system shutdown, and virus attack

• The path of the file is corrupted and operating system cant find the specified file

If any of the situations occurs, the EDB file becomes inaccessible and cant be used. Such situations can cause the nightmare of data loss and can create several catastrophic circumstances for you.


There are two solutions available to work around this problem. These are:

1. If the problem occurred due to expanding the clustered volume of the server, Microsoft has provided a hot fix. You can download it from Microsofts website and can fix your problems.

2. The second solution is for the case of EDB corruption. You can fix the corrupted related problem by repairing and restoring the corrupted EDB file. It is possible with the help of third party Exchange Server Recovery software.

Use the appropriate solutions according to the reason of the problem.

In case of using Exchange Server Recovery software, you need to be little cautious. You should purchase good exchange recovery software to ensure complete and safe

EDB repair. You can select a good and powerful exchange recovery software from numerous available in the market.

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Using this

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software, you can recover all of your Exchange server objects including emails, contacts, notes, calendar, schedule, journal and many alike. After repairing, this Exchange recovery software restores the EDB file in PST format that can be used with Microsoft Outlook.