Boot Options Change To EFI Boot in Mac
Boot Options Change To EFI Boot in Mac

Boot Options Change To EFI Boot in Mac

The EFI or Extensible Firmware Interface is the specification, defining the software interface between Mac operating system and platform firmware. EFI boot process involves a boot manager which is built into the firmware. But with few of the Mac systems, the boot drive options are found to be changed to include EFI boot.

When the user desires to choose from the available boot volumes, the boot menu starts displaying the options which have never been expected. The EFI boot option

starts displaying and you have no clue of the bootable volume which has lots of important data within. Also the booting process may not be as usual, but the drive name appears as normal in Finder.

The condition is threatening as the data stored cant be lost in this way. The possible culprit behind the scene could be the some modifications, done to volume structure of the drive. This is also feasible that the user has restored a clone of the hard drive after upgrading or any other case.

In such conditions, the user is recommended to stop doing anything with the system and follow the given steps:

· If you are cloning the hard drive, try using some alternative method. It should be a bit-for-bit transfer as small differences could create problems. You can try cloning a temporary external disk and then replacing the internal one and then cloning back.

· Try using the disk repair utility

· Reset PRAM as this might contain some boot information

· Attempt changing the startup disk in System Preference as this could be the result of some firmware settings

· Erase all the partitions of the drive as the last resort by using the Disk Utility

Erasing or formatting the hard drive partitions mean that all your data has gone and this is the time to have Mac recovery. Data worth when this is significant from business point of view. So Mac data recovery needs productive source to happen.

Data recovery industry has benefited the users with

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software which have the high scanning ability for the lost data. These Mac recovery utilities are easy to use and well in results.

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