This error message may be the result of a corrupt table Word Error and Recovery

This error message may be the result of a corrupt table Word Error and Recovery

Microsoft Word document tables allow you to easily align columns and rows. Thus, if you use tables in your documents, you can manage your data more efficiently, which can be easily analyzed. But at times, these tables appear to be corrupted and thus make the whole document unviable to use. You might encounter errors that the table is corrupted or it might exhibit abrupt behavior or characters. In such situations, an updated backup of your document becomes the primary prerequisite to restore. But if no clean document backup is present, you can scan your damaged document using powerful Word Repair applications.

As an instance, when you attempt to open a Microsoft Word document or try to insert a table document into an unprotected table cell of document, you might encounter the below error message:

"This error message may be the result of a corrupt table in the current document."

The error message further describes that you can repair the corrupted document and its contents by closing and opening it using Open and Repair feature.

. Microsoft Word includes Open and Repair feature to detect and repair document corruption if it finds any corruption while opening it. You can also force Microsoft Word to use this feature by browsing and selecting the document and using the corresponding option in drop-down list of Open.


The above error occurs if one or more tables of document are corrupted. It might occur due to unexpected shutdown, virus attack, bugs in application code, network errors and more. If you get this error while trying to insert the table document, the cause could be that the document is protected.


To resolve table corruption issues with Microsoft Word documents, you need to follow these methods:

. Open the corrupted Word document with Open and Repair feature

. Try saving the document to a different file format, such as HTML or RTF

. If you can open the document, copy the undamaged portions to a new document.

. If problem persists, use commercial

word recovery

applications to scan and repair the damaged document. Word Repair tools use advanced algorithms and are embedded with rich features.

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery is an advanced

doc repair

tool that can repair and restore corrupted Word documents. Its offers a powerful features, including support to Word 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2007, safe file repair design, advanced scanning procedures and graphically rich interface. It is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.