Tips to Solve Outlook is currently indexing your items...
Tips to Solve Outlook is currently indexing your items...

Tips to Solve Outlook is currently indexing your items...

Windows NT family of operating systems feature a file indexing service called Windows Indexing Service (or Windows Search, its successor) to allow faster file searching and better performance. This service is an operating level service, that creates and manages indexes for more than 200 file types, which include media files, e-mails, contacts, and calendar events. Thus, including e-mails of Outlook PST for Windows indexing can add to overall productivity of e-mail searching. But if the Outlook data file (PST) is not healthy, this service will not permit indexing and prompt errors stating that the operation cannot be completed. These are some situations when you may require

PST Recovery

tools to repair the corrupted PST.To clarify the above statements, lets take a scenario when the Windows user indexes his Outlook PST. Each time, when he/she attempts to search for an Outlook item, the following error message displays:"Instant Search encountered a problem while trying to display search results. Modifying your query may resolve this problem."Clicking OK in the error dialog box shows the below error:"Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed.

Click here for more details"Further, clicking to view message details opens another error in info box as:"Outlook is currently indexing your items. Search results may be incomplete because items are still being indexed."The error also shows the number of items that are left to be indexed in personal folder. CausePossible causes are:

1)PST indexing is incomplete

2)Windows Search installation is faulty

3)PST is corruptedSolution Below are the corresponding solutions:

1)In Outlook, go to Tools->Options->Search Options and check if your PST is marked for indexing. If the problem continues, run Inbox Repair Tool and then keep it free for indexing. You can rebuild the indexes if the issue persists.

2)Reinstall Windows Search from its official website3)If Inbox Repair Tool has been unable to repair the PST, use a

PST Repair

Software. Built with advanced and safe scanning technology, a PST File Recovery program can repair and restore PST corrupted due to any reason. Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is a dependable utility that repairs corrupted PST and restores it in original format without harming the original file. This PST Recovery Software supports Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000 and has a user-friendly interface to aid easy recovery. It can recover all e-mails, contacts, calendars, notes, and other file objects.