The Benefits of Satellite Internet
The Benefits of Satellite Internet

The Benefits of Satellite Internet

Internet technology has come a long way from the days when a 20 kbps speed dial-up connection was considered fast. Cable Internet, broadband and DSL connections brought in a new era in Internet technology. What broadband Internet cannot offer is coverage in remote areas where laying cables in not feasible for broadband service providers. This is where

Satellite Internet scores over broadband and other Internet technologies. There are many benefits of satellite Internet technology. Such as price, speed and connectivity are at par or even better than other technologies. In the United States Satellite Internet services are offered by
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They cover 99% of all the zip codes in the country. Satellite Internet connectivity is not far off for people living near the Arctic Circle or the tropical regions. In countries like France of the population still does not have access to broadband connectivity. Satellite connections are proving to be a great enabler for people in these regions to stay connected with the outside world.

There are some primary benefits of satellite Internet connectivity. Upload and download of data at broadband speed, 99% connection uptime, optimization for multiple users, compatibility with Windows and Macintosh Operating systems are a few of the features which are offered by Satellite Internet providers. The phone line is always free because connectivity is established by using a dish and a modem. You do not have to invest in additional phone lines and no need to dial-in and miss important phone calls. The installation and the monthly charges are also competitive ranging from $59 per month to $199 per month. Other features offered by service providers such as HughesNet include security suite at $4 per month, domain parking facilities for $12.50 per year, domain based e-mail facilities for $30 per year, blogging at $90 per year and advanced hosting at $14.50/month. All these options enhance your Internet surfing experience. The features do not end there you can opt for a static IP address at $10/month for residential plans and $20/month for commercial plans also you can upgrade your equipments to commercial grade for $299. Internet service providers differentiate their services on the speed at which you can upload and download data. Satellite Internet service have speeds that range from 700 kbps to 1.5 mbps. Quick installation time and 24/7 tech support gives subscribers a satisfactory browsing experience. A 25 Mb software download will take 2.3 minutes at 1.5 mbps whereas a dial-up connectivity would require more than an hour to download the same software. The benefits of satellite Internet far outpace any other mode of Internet connection. That is why leading providers like HughesNet have already got a subscriber base of 325,000 connections across the United States.

Customers have understood the benefits Satellite Internet offers and more and more people are joining the satellite Internet bandwagon. If you are still wondering about your choice you can call up resellers like Elite Satellite and check out the different options they have for your home or business Internet connectivity. The benefit of Satellite Internet far out weights the price that you pay for the services.



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Satellite Internet

to rural areas where DSL and Cable modem do not reach.