Dating Tips: Commitment - 5 Signs That He is Ready

Dating Tips: Commitment - 5 Signs That He is Ready

Its becoming ever more acceptable to be casual versus committing in a relationship. From swinging married couples, casual

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, to friends with benefits, the word relationship takes on a whole new meaning in modern times.

With the current view of relationships so much more relaxed than in the past, it has becoming easier (and less pressure) for many start up new relationships, and just have fun. However it has also become more difficult to now find a more serious, committed relationship. This is even more of a problem when you are starting with a casual relationship that you want to turn more serious.

If you are ready to turn your casual relationship into something more solid, and you think that he may also be ready but you are not sure keep your eyes peeled for the following signs of a commitment-ready man.

1. He wants to meet your family If he wants to meet your family or he already has its usually a sign that he is ready to move forward. Meeting the family is an important step in announcing your seriousness to the world, or rather the people in the world important to you. By doing this he is showing that its also important to him, and that he wants to see if he can fit in with your relatives. Seeing you with your family also lets him get to know a different part of you, growing the relationship naturally.

2. He is an initiator Theres something to be said about making the first move. You know hes ready when he is the one calling you to hang out, or when he independently comes up with great activities for you to spend time together doing. Does he answer your calls and emails promptly? Does he call or email you even before you even get a chance to do the same to him? If the answer is yes, chances are hes ready to move forward.

3. He is financially stable This ones a no-brainer. A man who is stable and prepared, is ultimately stabling and preparing himself for a good reason. Its highly likely that the reason is marriage, or at least a committed relationship, be it with you or another. If hes at this stage, and lets you know it, chances are he thinks you are long-term material.

4. Using the We word Using terms that unite you, especially in front of others, usually indicate hes already ahead of you in the commitment department. If you hear the words we, us, and our versus I, me, and my you can be certain that he already considers you a couple, and that he is ready to commit more.

5. His friends are all married, or in deeper relationships People tend to move with their cohort, and like-minded people tend to move together. If his friends all hit the strip club every weekend, and stay out all night, chances are hes doing it as well and doing it because he wants to. If his friends are in relationships, or even married, its a good sign that its the direction he also sees himself heading towards.


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