Flirting Signs Of A High Level Of Attraction

Flirting Signs Of A High Level Of Attraction

Its a fact that women use their physical presence to flirt with you during a conversation. By being able to pick up on these cues, youll be more successful at building attraction and rapport.

That being said, you have to know when a woman is flirting.

So what exactly is flirting and why is it important for building attraction.

In a nutshell, flirting is womans way of indicating that shes attracted to you and perhaps wants to know you in a more intimate manner. By being able to pick up on her flirting, youll be able to progress your conversation and take it to the next level. (ie: get her number, set up a date or even go for a kiss).

Now that you know the importance of flirting, you should understand how a woman will try to use physical flirting to attract your attention and build rapport. Here are three signs which shell show which demonstrate a high level of attraction and flirting:

Flirt Sign #1- You see her leaning towards you
A major sign of flirting is when a woman will lean or move towards you during a deep conversation. Since its the nature of women to move towards things which attract and interest them, you can easily pick up this cue.

So if spy her leaning towards you, you know shes showing an high level of attraction to her presence. In addition, shes probably doing this in the hopes that youll initiate physical contact.

Flirt Sign #2- You notice shes initiating contact with you
When a woman touches you, she is demonstrating a classic indicator of flirting. Its human nature to avoid breaking the physical touch barrier unless were attracted to the other person. So when a woman does this, she is letting you know that shes interested in you and wants things to become more intimate.

Flirt Sign #3- You realize she is the first to make sexual innuendos and comments
When a woman brings up the topic of sex, shes showing you that it is currently thinking about it. If she talks about sex, shes flirting in a suggestive and seductive manner. In fact by brining up the topic, shes subconsciously (or consciously) thinking about what its like to have sex with you.

To make things more intimate, the physical contact barrier must be broken. So when a woman is the first person to do this, shes showing an obvious sign of flirting and attraction.

While these signs of flirting can be subtle, they are done with the hope that you take things to the next level. So if you can pick up on these flirting cues, you can quickly ramp up your conversation and increase your success with a woman.

This means you can easily grab her number, set up a future date, or even go home with her that night.
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