Top Signs Shes Flirting With You

Top Signs Shes Flirting With You

Do want to know how to tell if a woman is attracted to you? In order to understand if a woman has attraction, you have to study her body language. If you can detect certain signs of flirting when observing her, then youll know shes attracted to you.

So what are these signs of flirting?

Well in the next few paragraphs, there are 8 flirting cues which women send you. If you see ANY of these, youll know shes attracted to you:

Flirting Cue #1- Shes laughing with her friends and looking back at you

Women understand the fact that men are attracted to girls who have a sense of humor. If you see a woman laughing with her friends and then quickly glancing in your direction, you know shes trying to demonstrate a sense of humor.

By showing off this type of behavior she hopes youll pick up on her "fun lifestyle" and will be interested in her.

Flirting Cue #2- She keeps on looking right at you

One way women get men to approach them is to directly look at you and maintain prolonged eye contact. Some will even give a nice smile.

This is probably one of the most obvious flirting signs youll receive from a woman!

Flirting Cue #3- Shes checking you out

Yes its true...

Women often check out guys!

To detect if a girl is checking you out, watch if she does the vertical scan.

This is where shell look at your face and then moving her eyes from her feet to your heard.

This flirting signal means shes found something attractive about you and would like see more.

Flirting Cue #4- Shell try to look best for you

When a woman knows youve observed her, shell make a quick effort to look her best for you.

To do this, shell preen her hair and clothes.

Whats great is these actions are subconscious, so she has little control over doing this. When you see this flirting cue, you know shes trying to look her best for you.

When you see any of these 4 flirting cues, approach and start talking to her!

Flirting Cue #5- She will open herself up to you

Now once youve approach her, you should try to detect a few different flirting cues to detect if she wants you to kiss her or take things to the next level.

The first sign to look for is if shes trying to open herself up!

When a woman displays an "openness" with her body language, shes demonstrating a classic sign of attraction.

Open body language means her arms will be spread and her wrists will be turned towards you.

Flirting Cue #6- Shell stroke herself

When a woman is talking to you shell show a sign of flirting by stroking her neck or touching her hair.

Flirting Cue #7- Shell draw closer to you

Another great sign of flirting is when a woman will draw closer to you during your conversation. Shell do this to show a desire to create more intimacy during your conversation.

Another trick is shell lower her voice to have you draw closer to you!

When you see this, youre receiving an incredible sign of attraction!

Flirting Cue #8- Shell scan your face including your eyes and lips

This final flirting cue demonstrates a desire that she wants to be kissed!

When a woman moves her eyes back and forth between your eyes and mouth, shes showing a classic sign of flirting where shes thinking about you kissing her.

When you see this flirting sign, act right away...

Start kissing her!

Once you do this, youll be on the road towards making things more intimate!

Women give subtle signals to men which indicate attraction.

When you take the time to look for flirting cues, youll discover shes sending signals which mean she wants to get to know you better and make things more intimate!

So pay attention and youll be happy with the results!
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