Perfect Match - Do Men Like Bossy Women?

Perfect Match - Do Men Like Bossy Women?

If you are trying to find your perfect match, you need to make sure you have the right perspective on what men are looking for. Do men like women who are bossy?

Generally speaking, men are not drawn to women who are super bossy because men like to be in control of their lives. Of course, there are some exceptions to this theory. What do men need in a relationship? They need to be respected and they need encouragement and they need to be physically fulfilled in their relationships. Most men want to be in committed relationships with women who can fulfill those needs and they dont take too kindly to women who are always nagging and trying to get their own way. They dont like women who meddle in their lives or are manipulative. Men operate on a different mindset then women; they think in rational terms and dont like to deal with the nonsense of women who might be trying to control and manipulate them.

Women on the other hand need to be with a man who listens to them and someone who cherishes them and understands them. Thats where some of the major conflicts come in because men and women are different and dont always know how to get along. If we learn about each others differences, we can try to get along and be the perfect match for our partner.

When you think youve found your perfect match, you need to work at the relationship and it will be hard work, but if you think youve found the right person, than any effort you put into the relationship will be worth it. Men do not like to have to answer to their girlfriend about every move they make. Remember, men have a need for respect and they dont like to be questioned. For the ladies, if you want to find out where your man has been, there is a certain way that you need to ask the questions. You dont want to sound like you are interrogating your man or he will get defensive and back away and you might be pushing him into the arms of another woman.

Men dont like to be questioned about their plans or the decisions they make or what they want to do. Now ladies, this is not saying that you dont have a right to know what your partner is doing or where hes going, but there is a way that you should ask the questions. You need to feel as if you are asking a normal question and not pressuring him. He doesnt want to feel as if hes answering to you because he likes to be in control. If you are trying to find out how he feels about you, dont pressure him for a commitment. If you want to ask him how he "feels" on an issue, be prepared for him to say "fine" or that he "doesnt know" or that he simply has no response. Men dont like to be bossed or pressured by their women.