Of possessive men and protective boyfriends

Of possessive men and protective boyfriends

It is true that women like to be protected by men at times. But modern women are competent enough to take care of themselves and their careers. Their social standing is now equal to that of a man. Most men see outgoing women as a threat to their ego and combat this problem by being watching them closely and being very protective about them. But women out there are not particularly fond of this behavior in a man. Dealing with a jealous and possessive man is one of the biggest problems in our dating world. Here are a few ways women can deal with such men

• Spot a possessive man: prevention is better than cure. If you are aversive towards a possessive man, spot signs of jealousy and possessiveness before you get into a relationship with him and avoid getting serious with him.

• Watch woman-protagonist movies with him: by doing this, you are showing your man that women are capable of protecting themselves and taking care of their lives.

• Flaunt your driving skills: It is a general notion that men drive better than women. If you are a good driver, invite him over a drive and flaunt your driving skills. This will show him that you are capable of doing some "manly" things.

• Give him time: make time for your guy. This will reassure your love and concern for him.

• Do small things he likes: he may like to see the gown that he gifted to you on your birthday or he may fond of a dessert that you make. Do such small things for him. It will make him happy and show him that you do take him seriously.

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