4 Sure Signs of Love at First Sight
4 Sure Signs of Love at First Sight

4 Sure Signs of Love at First Sight

Love at first? Does it really exist? Well! The people having gone through this will swear by it but what about those who are in the throes of sudden passion and attraction for someone they have never met before? What are they to think about all this? Is it love? Is it attraction? Is it just a passing phase of lust?
How can you be sure it is love at first sight? There are of course certain symptoms or clues that let you know whether it is love or not. Lets see what they are.

Sign 1: Instant attraction
Did that woman who just passed you by make you turn around and get another look at her? Did the girls smile (literal smile or just a gleam in the eyes) make your heart start thumping fast? Do you always frequent the same place just to see her? Well, this could be another sign of love at first sight. Why is that you want to see her only when there could be numerous other pretty girls around? Why not see someone else if not her? Thats because you have been smitten by her and nothing or nobody else matters.

Sign 2: Physical reactions
Has it ever happened that you saw a girl in a bar, a shopping mall or just about anywhere and you suddenly felt weak in the knees? You want to speak but your mouth gets parched and dry. The world suddenly seems to swirl around and your mind gets blank. Well, this could be love at first sight especially if you continue to think of her days after you first saw her.

Sign 3: Physical fascination
Sometimes, the looks of a particular girl attract you or maybe, it is the way she walks. It could also be the cheerful giggle of hers that allure you. Her doe-like eyes could make you want to drown in them. Consider this a symptom of love at first sight. Of course, it can be converted into a relationship only if you pursue it further. But, most love at first sights begin with physical attraction.

Sign 4: Does she show any interest?
While it could feel like love at first sight for you, do you get any feelers from her? Not until you feel that she is interested, can you say that what you are feeling is love because it needs two to tango. In love at first sight both of you will feel the symptoms, the attraction and the instant urge to pursue further. Of course, it depends upon you to take instant action or that handsome hulk you just saw could take your place and that will be the end of love at first sight!

So, if you are going through similar signs that suggest that you are in love at first sight be elated and take the first step. Communicate!

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