How to Triple Your Weight Loss Success while on Lemonade Master Cleanse?

How to Triple Your Weight Loss Success while on Lemonade Master Cleanse?

While on the lemonade master cleanse (or internal body cleanse), you are 3 times more likely to give up unless you are well prepared.

Below are 3 things you must do to enjoy weight loss success with the lemonade detox and weight diet.

Know Why, See the Outcome

I always tell my friends: Know the reasons you want to lose weight. Write them down and make sure you can see them daily. Focus on these reasons during your master cleanse fast. They are powerful silent motivators.

And heres a little secret to bring this little tip to a whole new level - rewrite and tie them in with pleasures and pains.

For example, you can tie in with pleasure and your reason can sound like this: I want to slim down so that I can fit into that body hugging dress. I want to visibly see my well defined body contour when I stand in front of the full length mirror.

Next, fuel your reason with pain like: I want my colleagues to stop calling me an unwanted fatty.

Finally merge the pain and pleasure into a big reason(s) why you want to use this internal body cleanse formula. It can look something like:

"I want my colleagues to stop calling me an unwanted fatty and when I stand in front of them sometime later, I want them to envy how well this body hugging dress brings out my well defined body contour."

Write the reasons down and make it clearly visible in your residence.

I know it sounds cruel, but this is an inner personal management trick that can keep you on track and lose weight.

Do you truly want to lose weight, or is it just a lack lustre wish? You decide.

Easing into and Exiting the Master Cleanse Regime

One morning, you jump out of bed and decide to start your lemonade master cleanse regime.

You hope to breeze through the 10 days regime with this lemonade detox and weight loss formula. All you have to do is to consume the master cleanser lemonade day in and day out. At the end of the 10th days, you will lose a huge chunk of fat. Look pretty simple, isnt it?

Stop! Let me set the record straight. You are more likely to give up unless you are mentally and physically prepared.

Start 3 days earlier. Begin by replacing a meal with the lemonade master cleanse drink, and progressively replace all by day 1 of your master cleanse diet.

Do the same on day 11, begin with juices. You should not load your body with normal meal immediately. Progressively, add vegetables soup, fruits and vegetables till you are finally back to normal diet. Always drink plenty of water.

Removing the Temptation

Can you imagine how it feels like to have a juicy cheeseburger popping up on the screen, while you are on the master cleanser lemonade diet? Frustrating? Deprived? Envious? Anything but positive emotions, right?

One thing I know for sure is that, it somehow weakens your will power to continue with the master cleanse regime. Its not your fault if you rush off, grab whatever you can find in the fridge and devour it readily.

Prepare yourself for modern days temptation. Dont undermine the power of food in your house. They can be the deciding factor for you to stop your internal body cleanse regime half way through it.

Before you even embark on your master cleanse regime, Id suggest you to remove food from your house totally. Give them away, finish them up.

Whatever is your choice, make sure you dont have food around your house to tempt you.

Pay attention to these 3 points and tremendously improve your chance to lose weight and detox with the lemonade master cleanse (body cleanse) diet today. Did I tell you the master cleanse is an age defying formula too?

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By: Jeslyn Lim, the natural weight loss and detox enthusiast.